10 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Wedding Gift Ideas


When your friend is getting married, it’s an exciting occasion. Your friend is happy — yay! You get to celebrate with a wedding — woo hoo! It is easy to get swept up in the romance and the happiness, but eventually, you’ll remember: you also have to buy them a gift.

Now, gifts are a wonderful way to show your friends that you care about them. But buying gifts when you’re trying to live an eco-conscious lifestyle can be… complicated to say the least. You’ve got to research materials used, brand manufacturing practices, and so many other elements of ethical consumerism — all while looking for something that suits the couple’s style!

Even if your friends are living the eco-friendly life themselves (and if they are, they MUST take a look at the Mindfully Wed E-Guide for some eco-conscious wedding inspiration), it’s not always easy to find a wedding gift that perfectly aligns with your values.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are 10 of our favorite sustainable wedding gifts that will be perfect for your affianced eco-friendly friends!

MOD Cold Press Juicer

MOD Cold Press Juicer

The best way to live sustainably is to invest in products that will last a lifetime. For example, this cold press juicer from MOD Appliances is high-quality, durable, and stylish. Your friends will be able to enjoy fresh juice every morning with a MOD cold press, starting with the day they say “I do.”

greenUP box

​Kitchen Box of Eco-friendly Products

The kitchen is one of the most difficult places to stay eco-friendly. Between take-out containers, paper towels, and so much plastic packaging, it can feel impossible to truly avoid waste. But if you give your friends a greenUP box, they’ll have wax food wraps, a dish soap bar, a natural loofah sponge, and more — everything they need for a truly green kitchen. 


​Linen Napkin Set for Two

Whether you’re planning a dinner party with friends or a simple meal for two, linen napkins can always elevate your tablescape. Gifting your friend a nice set is a great way to avoid paper waste and help them make every meal feel special.  


​Coconut Bowls & Spoon Set for 2

​If you want your friends’ meals to be both sustainable and stylish, there’s no better gift than an all-natural coconut bowl. This set even includes a pair of spoons, so your friends can enjoy an eco-friendly meal in sustainable bowls to match! 

Lis & Keif

​Acacia Wooden Utensil Set 

Your friends’ eating utensils shouldn’t be the only things in their kitchen both stylish and eco-friendly. This set of acacia wood cooking utensils includes two spatulas and a slotted spoon, soup spoon, and serving spoon — everything they’ll need for a lovely and sustainable mise en place. 


​Flame to Flora Candle 

Candles can be a great way to make a room feel more homey. But once they’re burned out, you’re left with glass jars that too often find their way into the trash! With a Flame to Flora candle, however, your friends can reuse their candle jar as the perfect plant pot. The candle even comes with a seed kit to get them started! 

Wildfire Engraving

​Engraved Cork Coaster Set

Your newlywed friends are starting a new chapter in their lives together — and if you ask us, that chapter shouldn’t include rings on the table OR constant cleaning with paper towels. These coasters are made from sustainable cork, and you can even customize them to mark this momentous occasion.


​Wall Decor

A couple’s home should reflect their personal taste and their values. If your engaged friends value green living and sustainability, they’ll love these woven trays for their home. They can use them as wall art or place them on the coffee table in their home. However they display these pieces, they’re sure to get a lot of compliments. 


Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning tends to be a difficult task if you want to live sustainably and… well, cleanly. Between plastic packaging and harsh chemicals, traditional cleaning supplies can be an ecological nightmare. Get your friends a starter kit of green cleaning supplies (like this one) and they’ll be able to start married life on a green, clean note!

Gift Cards/Experiences

Finally, there is no better gift for a friend than a great experience. If you get your engaged friends a gift card to Airbnb or a wonderful vegan restaurant — or even get them tickets for a great show or excursion on their honeymoon — you’ll be giving them a gift that produces no waste AND makes a lifelong memory. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, certain links in this post are affiliate links, which means that we may get commissions if you decide to purchase anything from any of these stores. Rest assured, we only recommend products that we love ourselves and that we think you’ll love, too!