11 Last-Minute Wedding Day Essentials You Might Forget


Spoiler alert: the weeks leading up to your wedding day can be more than a little crazy! 

Interstate guests are arriving, your seating chart is being finalised, and there are rehearsals and pre-wedding celebrations to attend. And amidst all of this chaos? It can be easy to overlook a few small (but important) details for your special day.

Don’t panic, though – we’ve got your back. From confetti to guest books and emergency kits, keep reading as we round up 11 last-minute wedding day essentials you might forget below.

Confetti Toss

Have you thought about your ceremony exit? It may not have crossed your mind, but a confetti toss makes for amazing photos as you walk back down the aisle!

Be sure to opt for biodegradable confetti or rose petals as an eco-friendly wedding alternative (and to avoid getting hit with a clean-up fee after the day). You’ll also want to think about organising confetti bags or cones and leaving a small sign with instructions for your guests.

Emergency Kit

From unwanted stains to flyaway hairs and ripped gowns, be prepared for any situation by packing an emergency bridal kit. You’ll want to include practical items such as stain remover, bobby pins, hairspray, mints, bandaids, tissues, paracetamol, snacks and deodorant. You can find our ultimate packing list for your wedding day here!

Don’t forget to give your emergency kit to a trusted friend or family member who can stash it somewhere safe at the venue for you.

Vow Books

So, you’ve written your wedding vows, but how are you going to read them aloud on the day? Rather than using a sheet of paper, create an extra special keepsake by using a vow book, instead. Not only will they look better in photos, but your vow books will then become the ultimate wedding memento after the big day.

Signing Table and Chairs

After the ceremony, you and your new husband or wife will need to sign your marriage certificate to make your nuptials official (woo hoo!). 

Some celebrants will bring their own signing table and chairs for this portion of your ceremony, but others will require you to source your own. Make sure you double-check this before the day, so you can make suitable arrangements if needed.

Comfortable Shoes

If you’re planning to dance the night away, consider bringing some comfortable shoes along that you can change into if needed. Trust us – you and your sore toes will be glad you did!

Photo via The Happy Bloom

Gift Table

Even if you’ve requested no presents, it’s likely that your guests will still bring something along anyway. With this in mind, we’d suggest organising a small table somewhere inside the venue for your guests to leave their gifts, with a wishing well for any cards. Make sure you’ve allocated someone trustworthy to collect and store these safely at the end of the night.

Guest Book

Guest books are often forgotten, but they are such a lovely way to capture well wishes from your loved ones. Your guest book will probably become one of your most treasured keepsakes from the day!

If you’ve decided to organise a guestbook (you can find some beautiful custom options on Etsy), don’t forget you’ll also need to organise pens and perhaps a small sign to grab the attention of your guests.

Cake Table and Cake Knife

We know you’ve definitely organised your cake, but what about a cake knife and a table for it to sit on? These items aren’t always supplied by your wedding venue, so you may need to organise your own. 

Photo via Lauren Driscoll

Cash Payments

If you’re finalising invoices with your suppliers on the day, don’t forget to organise these payments in advance. You’ll want to put any final cash payments in sealed envelopes with the relevant vendor name and contact number, and have your wedding coordinator or trusted family member distribute these on the day. 

End of Night Transport

Is your wedding venue in a remote location? If so, consider pre-booking a bus or some taxis to shuttle your guests home at the end of the night. Your loved ones may struggle to find a ride at the last minute if your venue is located outside of the city centre, especially if you have a large guest list.

Photo via Lindsay Madden

Overnight Bag

Whether you’re jetting off to your honeymoon immediately or crashing at a hotel room for the night, don’t forget to organise your overnight bag! You can stash this at the venue, or arrange for someone to deliver it to your accommodation on their way to your wedding.

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