12 Australian Wedding Florists To Follow!


Floral design is one of the most powerful styling elements to any wedding. From the bouquet you hold as you walk down the aisle, to the arrangements that line your reception tables, flowers really do have the ability to transform any space.

And behind every beautiful bouquet is a talented floral designer, working their magic to create a piece of art that truly reflects your special day.

It’s safe to say we dedicate hours to ogling over gorgeous flowers on social media – our saved photos are literally filled with colourful creations. And with such an incredibly talented bunch of floral designers right here in Australia, we wanted to share some of our favourite sources of inspiration with you, too!

So if you’re seeking some floral styling ideas for your own big day, or simply enjoy lusting over beautiful blooms as much as we do, keep reading for 12 Australian florists who truly inspire us with their artistry.


Photography by Tealily Photography

Sydney-based Aleksandra is a botanical stylist after our own heart. Her floral designs are created to make a strong impact, with an Insta-feed filled with cascading orchids, fluffy hydrangeas, and plenty of lush greens.

Aleksandra’s designs have a sculptural feel to them, with contrasting textures and colours being a key element of her work. We especially love her larger installations, with giant backdrops and oversized entry pieces that really leave a lasting impression.

Website: https://www.aleksandra.com.au

Pomp and Splendour

Photography by Sayher Heffernan

Melbourne-based floral artists Pomp and Splendour never fail to amaze us with their incredibly beautiful designs. Their social feeds are filled with gorgeous imagery of vibrant bouquets, with lush peonies, trailing orchids, colourful roses and Australian natives all featuring strongly in their work.

Along with bridal blooms, you’ll also find plenty of table arrangements, arbour designs and hanging installations to draw inspiration from, each one completely original and created with local and seasonal produce!

Website: http://www.pompandsplendour.com.au
Instagram: @pompandsplendour
Facebook: @pompandsplendour

Loose Leaf

via Loose Leaf

Collingwood-based Loose Leaf botanical studio really take the word ‘installation’ and turn it on its head! From giant hanging ferns to oversized floral arches, everything that this team creates is designed to impress.

Playing on quirky geometric shapes, interesting textures and creative colour palettes, the Loose Leaf social feeds provide some seriously unique and artful inspiration.

You can even book in for one of the popular classes at their Victorian studio, for brides-to-be wanting some hands-on floral experience.

Website: https://looseleafstore.com.au
Instagram: @looseleaf__


via Grandiflora

Botanical director Saskia from Grandiflora definitely has the magic touch when it comes to beautiful blooms. Her unique designs range from delicate bouquets to creative installations, each one a perfectly curated piece of art.

With an international reputation and four published books to her name, we’ve loved following the Grandiflora journey from their humble beginnings in Sydney.

Check out their social feeds for bright bursts of colour and some seriously gorgeous designs sure to take your breath away!

Website: https://grandiflora.net
Instagram: @grandiflora_sydney
Facebook: @grandiflorashop

Flowers by Brett Matthew John

via Flowers by Brett Matthew John

Fresh floral design with a difference is what you’ll find produced from the Flowers by Brett Matthew John team! Specialising in vibrant, bold and eye-catching arrangements, their social feeds are filled with plenty of colourful inspiration for creative brides.

The team also design the most incredible wearable blooms, from flower crowns to corsages and even floral earrings (yes, really!). Truly pushing the boundaries of design, you can also visit their Prahran-based studio in person to see their inspiring work for yourself, or order a bloom box or posy online.

Website: https://flowersbybrettmatthewjohn.com
Instagram: @flowersbybrettmatthewjohn
Facebook: @flowersbybrettmatthewjohn

Bower Botanicals

via Bower Botanicals

Byron Bay brides may already be familiar with the gorgeous work from Bower Botanicals. Bespoke, boutique arrangements are what this team does best, with designs filled with lush greenery and beautiful cascading blooms.

More recently, we’ve seen some seriously stunning arrangements through Bower Botanicals featuring two of our current favourite wedding styling trends; feathery pampas grass and dusty pink orchids.

The word breathtaking doesn’t seem to do their work justice – you’ll see what we mean through their Instagram feed!

Website: http://www.bowerbotanicals.com
Instagram: @bowerbotanicals
Facebook: @bowerbotanicals

Dahlia Fandango

via Dahlia Fandango

The flower artisans at Dahlia Fandango are not only renowned for their Melbourney posy delivery service, but also create the most gorgeous arrangements for weddings and special events, too. You’ll find plenty of organic and unstructured bouquets designed by this team, filled with earthy foliage and beautiful blooms in a stunning array of colours.

Working with the local flower markets and growers in Victoria, it’s clear that each design from Dahlia Fandango is carefully curated and created with love.

Website: https://www.dahliafandango.com
Instagram: @dahliafandango
Facebook: @dahliafandango

The Nesst

via The Nesst

Natural beauty is the word that springs to mind when it comes to floral artistry from Gold Coast-based The Nesst. Authentic, elegant arrangements filled with beautiful textures, pastel tones and organic greenery all come together in perfect harmony through their portfolio of floral work.

From delicate bouquets to sweet flower crowns and beautiful garlands, we’re confident you’ll find some gorgeous wedding day inspiration via The Nesst!

Website: https://thenesst.com
Instagram: @thenesst

The Flower Dispensary

Photography by Corbin Gurkin

Dreamy, ethereal designs filled with soft pastels and unstructured foliage are just a couple of the defining characteristics from The Flower Dispensary portfolio. This Geelong-based floral designer specialises in captivating floral design, from lush bouquets to delicate table arrangements and beautiful boutonnieres.

It’s obvious from the way The Flower Dispensary talk about her work that there is truly a story behind every design. We love her personalised approach to floral artistry, which you’ll notice immediately via the website and social feeds.

Website: https://www.theflowerdispensary.com.au
Instagram: @theflowerdispensary
Facebook: @theflowerdispensary

Natural Art Flowers

via Natural Art Flowers

For West-Coast lovers, Natural Art Flowers should be your new go-to resource for floral design and inspiration. This Perth-based team specialise in stunning wedding bouquets and floral arrangements for beautiful weddings in Western Australia.

The designs from Natural Art Flowers steer away from the traditional, and instead embrace more unique and diverse pieces of floral art. We are continually inspired by the work from this talented team, and we’re positive you will be too!

Website: https://www.naturalartflowers.com.au
Instagram: @naturalartflowers
Facebook: @naturalartflowers


Photography by Erin and Tara

The Prunella team are constantly making our jaws drop with their luxe, sculptural floral designs. A quick peek through their social feeds makes you truly appreciate how flowers can transform an entire setting.

From marquees dripping with freshly-cut blooms, to tablescapes filled with colourful arrangements, the work from Prunella is impactful to say the least.

If you’re seeking colour palette inspiration, you’ll definitely find a creative mix of shades through Prunella’s work, too – from warm autumnal blooms to deep berry tones, pastel accents, and everything in between!

Website: http://www.prunella.com.au
Instagram: @prunellaflowers
Facebook: @prunellafloral

Wilderness Flowers

Photography by Grace Wriggles

It’s safe to say Mikarla from Wilderness Flowers definitely has a way with blooms. Working with couples on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay, there is no shortage of creative floral inspiration via the Wilderness Flowers feeds.

We especially love Mikarla’s unique ceremony floral styling, with wild, lush arrangements and floral arbours creating the perfect backdrop for intimate nuptials. Her work is truly timeless and we’re always waiting with anticipation to see what she produces next!

Website: http://www.wildernessflowers.com.au
Instagram: @wildernessflowers_
Facebook: @wildernessflowers

Our tips and tricks for wedding floral design

Your wedding flowers will be one detail that you’ll remember forever, so it’s important to put some thought and research into your wedding day blooms. Here are some of our top tips to keep in mind when it comes to curating inspiration and choosing the best floral designer for your own unique requirements!

  • Take the time to browse the portfolio of your floral designer to get an overall sense of their design aesthetic. Some floral designers specialise in wild, unstructured blooms, while others create more formal and elegant arrangements. The previous work of your floral designer should give you a good indication on if your style aligns with theirs!
  • Choosing your wedding flowers seasonally is a great tip to maximise your floral budget. You can refer to our seasonal wedding flower guide as a reference, or chat to your floral designer for their advice on the most cost-effective floral varieties for your chosen wedding date.
  • Pinterest is such a great resource for curating floral inspiration! Once you’ve defined your wedding style and vision, you can use Pinterest to search for floral designs by colour, flower variety and style. Not only will this save time hunting for the right inspiration, but you can share your board with your floral designer to give them a helpful visual brief to work with.

Our respect for talented floral designers is huge. These guys trek to flower markets at the break of dawn, and spend many late nights crafting each perfect arrangement stem by stem.

Research also shows that flowers have the ability to positively impact our emotions – so your floral designer isn’t just making things look pretty, but also creating an uplifting ambience to set the tone for your entire event.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by such incredibly talented floral designers right here in Australia, and we’re sure you’ll agree after checking out the 12 floral artists above.

From stunning bouquets to colour palette ideas and creative backdrops, just make sure you have your Pinterest buttons ready as you browse through all of the beautiful blooms!

Have we missed any talented Australian floral designers that you think we should know about? Let us know via the WedSites Instagram page so we can spread the word and share the love!