12 Wedding Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style!

One of the best parts about the wedding industry is the constant flow of new and exciting inspiration. Just like fashion or interior design, there are always different trends coming in and going out of style, from floral bouquets to colour schemes and even table layouts. But when you’re a bride-to-be trying to design an entire wedding from scratch, it can be a little hard to keep up!

Although your wedding is just one day, it’s a day that you’ll look back on for years to come. You’ll treasure every single photograph, every video, and every last memory from your celebrations.

With this in mind, it’s important to be selective when it comes to the trends you choose to embrace in your wedding styling and design. If you want to know the secret to creating a timeless wedding, it all comes down to those everlasting trends that will continue to stay relevant without fading out of style.

The truth is that most wedding trends will come and go quickly, but some are here to stay for good! Here are 12 of our all-time favourite classic trends that don’t have an expiry date.

Photography: Blaine Siesser
Event Design: Alison & Bryan

1. Neutral Colour Palettes

Don’t get us wrong – we love seeing bold, vibrant weddings filled with rich tones. But when it comes to a timeless colour scheme, we just can’t go past a neutral palette!

Using neutral colours as the base of your wedding design is a classic styling decision that will always create a beautiful setting. We love crisp whites, soft creams, fresh greenery and organic timber tones as a subtle colour palette to build upon. Using these neutral shades for your key styling pieces like your tables, chairs, and linens will create a timeless foundation for the rest of your wedding design.

2. Floral Centrepieces

We’ve seen many different styling trends come and go over the years when it comes to table centrepieces, from pineapples to seashells and everything in between. We love these fun and quirky ideas too, but nothing quite compares to a natural floral arrangement for a truly timeless look.

From sweet pastel posies to cascading wildflowers, floral arrangements will never fail to transform any space. Fresh florals will always be the perfect addition to include throughout your ceremony and cocktail areas too. And if you’re choosing your flower styles seasonally, it doesn’t have to mean blowing the budget either!

3. Calligraphy Details

When you’re designing your wedding invitations and stationery, it can be tempting to go crazy with font selections, graphics and typography. But handwritten calligraphy will always be a winner in our books when it comes to personalised paper goods that will never go out of style!

There’s just something about the romance of calligraphy that makes it such a timeless choice for wedding stationery. From your invitations to your place cards and even your welcome sign, handwritten calligraphy details make each element of stationery completely unique and beautifully detailed. Don’t forget to ask your photographer for a snap of your entire stationery suite as a memento of the day!

Photography: Natalie Bray Studios
Paper Goods: Shasta Bell Calligraphy

4. Candlelight

Including the right lighting at your wedding is one of the most effective ways to create a warm and inviting ambience for guests to enjoy. And what could be more inviting than the soft, romantic glow of candlelight?

We’ve seen many different lighting trends in previous years, like festoons, fairy lights and unique hanging pendants. But scattered candles are a beautiful, classic touch to any wedding, for a truly organic look that will last the ages.

Candles allow you to be more creative with your styling, too. Clusters of candles in varying heights make a stunning statement at the entrance to your reception, or coloured candlesticks can add depth and detail to your tablescapes. Whether you leave them exposed for a raw, rustic setting or feature them in decorative lanterns, candlelight will always be our pick for creating an intimate atmosphere at your wedding.

5. Personalised Elements

Meaningful and personalised details throughout your wedding styling is a trend that should never be overlooked! It’s one of the most important days of your life after all, so let this shine through with sweet details that mean something special to you and your beau.

Whether it’s including sprigs of olive leaf throughout your decor as a nod to your months together travelling Europe, or having your favourite shared cocktail as a signature drink for guests to enjoy. It’s those truly personal details that should be celebrated on this unforgettable day!

6. Lace Wedding Gowns

We’ve seen some truly unique wedding gown designs recently, with everything from two-piece sets to blush tulle skirts and even daring capes. But for the more traditional bride, a lace wedding gown will always give you a classic, elegant look that will never date.

Lace is such a timeless choice as it works harmoniously with almost any wedding theme without ever looking tacky. From bohemian luxe to seaside soirees along with more high-end affairs, you can add your own unique touch to a lace wedding gown to complement your chosen wedding vision.

Photography: Maria Lamb
Gown: Gossamer

7. Communal Dining

Weddings are all about celebrating amongst loved ones. Which is why long rows of communal dining tables will always be in style for relaxed wedding receptions!

If traditional round tables aren’t really your thing, you’ll be pleased to hear this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether it’s one long table for a more intimate celebration or several long rows for a larger event, the communal dining trend is designed to bring your guests together in a more natural way. In our eyes, it’s a foolproof floor layout that works in nearly any space.

8. Bridal Party Gifts

Presenting your bridal party with a ‘thank you’ gift is a trend we don’t think will ever become outdated! After all, your bridal party are going to be a huge support to you throughout your wedding planning journey. They deserve something thoughtful in return for their efforts!

When it comes to timeless bridal party gifts, you’ll never go wrong with a delicate piece of jewellery or a sweet bridal robe to wear on the morning of the big day. Don’t forget to accompany the gift with a heartfelt letter to show your appreciation!

9. Metallic Accents

Including elegant gold, silver or bronze details throughout your wedding decor is one trend that will continue to remain stylish for years to come. Even the most subtle details like your cutlery or floral vases can be transformed into something truly beautiful by introducing metallics.

You don’t need to stop at your place settings, either! We love glistening gold ink for classic wedding stationery, or even a metallic pair of heels to add a touch of glam to your bridal attire. Subtlety is best when it comes to metallics, so use these tones sparingly for a more refined look that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your decor.

Photography: Kati Mallory

10. Wedding Websites

Wedding websites are a fairly new trend, but when you consider how much of a time-saver they can be, we think they are definitely here to stick around!

Creating a stylish wedding website is not only a beautiful memento for you to keep after the big day, but is also a functional way to keep yourself and your guests organised. To keep this trend timeless, make sure you know exactly what to include on your wedding website in order to avoid making any faux pas.

11. Candid Photography

Candid, authentic and emotional captures from your wedding day will always be favoured over posed and impersonal shots. Embracing the trend of candid photography will ensure you look back over your wedding photos with happiness as you relive each moment from the day.

This timeless style of wedding photography isn’t offered across the board, so do your research first to find a wedding photographer that specialises in candid work. If you or your partner are camera shy, this is also the perfect photography style to capture you in a more relaxed and natural state.

12. Sparkler Exits

Speaking of timeless photos… our final wedding trend is the perfect way to capture the end of the night. It’s the sparkler exit!

A sparkler exit is a classic trend that will guarantee an amazing shot of your final moments at the wedding. Gather your friends and family together to send you off in style amongst a shimmer of lights. The end result will be a photo that you treasure forever!

Photography: Benj Haisch

Keep It Classic

When it comes to planning your wedding, it can be all too easy to get distracted by the latest trends without stopping to think about the bigger picture. Fast-forward 10 years, and those neon pink napkins may no longer seem like the greatest idea!

The good news is, there are a handful of classic trends you can fall back on to ensure your wedding remains beautiful for years to come. It all comes down to simple, thoughtful and functional styling choices that will never become outdated.

If you’re struggling to find the balance between timeless and trendy, why not draw inspiration from our foolproof list above and find a way to add your own unique spin to it? There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from creating your own wedding trend that is a true reflection of your personal taste!

Our final tip: define your wedding vision first, and you’ll find it much easier to identify with styles you genuinely love instead of trends that are just passing through. Having a clear vision in mind is always the best strategy to bring your dream wedding to life!