13 Australian Wedding Videographers to Follow


Your wedding day will be filled with memories. From the first time you lock eyes with your new beau, to the heartfelt speeches given by friends and family, and the first dance shared as a married couple.

What could be a better keepsake from your day than all of the very best moments crafted into a beautiful highlight reel to look back on forever?

Wedding videographers really do have a pretty special role, enlisted to capture the memories from your day as it unfolds. Your wedding film will be one of your most treasured possessions after the day, so we think it’s time to shine a light on some of the amazing cinematographers we have around the country!

From fine art films to raw, documentary-style footage, keep reading for 13 of our favourite Australian wedding videographers to start following.

Zaneta Van Zyl

Photography by Zaneta Van Zyl

Perth-based videographer Zaneta Van Zyl creates modern, cinematic-style wedding films that take our breath away!

With a strong focus on capturing moments authentically as they happen, her films really do tell a unique story from each special day. Having a knack for finding picturesque locations and pockets of natural light, each frame is thoughtfully considered and beautifully captured.

Also offering photography services, Zaneta Van Zyl is available to travel worldwide for destination weddings too.

Website: http://www.zanetavanzyl.com
Instagram: @zanetavanzyl
Facebook: @zvzphoto
Vimeo: @zanetavanzylweddingfilms

Roost Film Co

Photography by Roost Film Co

Roost Film Co create films that are instantly recognisable – soft, dreamy and filled with pretty light.

Specialising in boutique fine-art film videography, the Roost team are experts at capturing real, honest moments in the most natural of ways.

With pastel undertones, artful frames and plenty of gorgeous details, we could spend hours browsing through the portfolio of this husband and wife team!

Website: http://www.roostfilmco.com
Instagram: @roostfilmco
Facebook: @roostfilmco
Vimeo: @roostfilmco

La Lune Cinema

Photography by La Lune

With over 10 years film-making experience, it’s safe to say the La Lune Cinema team know a thing or two about authentic wedding storytelling.

Based in Newcastle, La Lune Cinema are experts at capturing the ambience and atmosphere from each day and translating this into unique films to treasure forever.

Available to travel internationally, we hear the team will be heading to New Zealand and Mexico in 2018 for some incredible destination weddings.

Website: http://www.lalunecinema.com
Instagram: @lalunecinema
Facebook: @la-lune-cinema
Vimeo: @lalunecinema

A&Y Videography

Photography by A&Y Videography

Splitting their time between Spain and Australia, Alberto and Yago create modern films that are true works of art.

This dynamic team specialise in creating cinematic, creative masterpieces that will never grow old. Their style of videography is perfectly suited for less-traditional couples wanting something a little different for their big day.

Check out the A&Y portfolio using the links below to see exactly what we mean!

Website: http://www.ayvideo.es/en/
Instagram: @ay_video
Facebook: @ayvideography
Vimeo: @ayvideo

Agape Stories

Photography by Agape Stories

Sydney-based Lauri from Agape Stories creates raw, moody and completely real films that transport you into the special moments behind each day.

Her films are an authentic representation of the weddings she captures, each with their own unique and personal touches that make them the perfect keepsake to look back on for years to come.

We’ve loved browsing through Lauri’s work and we know you’ll find some creative inspiration through her portfolio, too!

Website: https://www.agapestories.com
Instagram: @agapestories
Facebook: @agapestoriescinemaphoto
Vimeo: @agapestories

Rabbit and The Bear

Photography by Rabbit and The Bear

Rabbit and The Bear are a Gold-Coast based videography team, known for their modern yet timeless approach to wedding films.

Their candid videos blend both the small details and the big moments together effortlessly, capturing the atmosphere and surroundings of each day to tell a complete story.

It’s obvious that this is a team that goes above and beyond to bring their wedding films to life – you can check out their work using the links below!

Website: https://www.rabbitandthebear.com.au
Instagram: @rabbitandthebear_weddings
Facebook: @rabbitandthebear
Vimeo: @rabbitandthebearweddings

Anchored Cinema

Photography by Anchored Cinema

With an authentic cinematography style and the ability to capture the most intricate details, we have been long-time lovers of the work from Anchored Cinema!

Holding a philosophy of ‘composing wedding films that are honest and heartfelt’, the Anchored Cinema portfolio is filled with beautiful moments, epic scenic shots, and memories that tug at the heartstrings.

Based on the East Coast but also travelling worldwide, these guys are definitely ones to add to your videographer short-list.

Website: http://anchoredcinema.com
Instagram: @anchoredcinema
Facebook: @anchoredcinema
Vimeo: @anchoredcinema

She Takes Pictures He Makes Films

Photography by She Takes Pictures He Makes Films

As the name would suggest, She Takes Pictures He Makes Films is made up of a talented duo specialising in both videography and photography.

Alastair is the cinematographer of the crew, and creates powerful, engaging short films designed to evoke emotions and tell the story behind each couple.

With beautiful visuals paired with cinematic editing and soulful soundtracks, we love the work produced by this Melbourne-based team.

Website: http://shetakespictureshemakesfilms.com
Instagram: @shetakespictureshemakesfilms
Facebook: @alastair.innes.filmmaker
Vimeo: @hemakesfilms

The Auburn Hour Film Co

Photography by The Auburn Hour Film Co

The Auburn Hour Film Co team specialise in short, sweet, and completely unique wedding films that make an impact.

Drawing on the atmosphere and emotions from each wedding, their films showcase the most genuine, special moments in an unstaged and nostalgic way.

For a taste of The Auburn Hour Film Co’s aesthetic, jump over to their website portfolio for more examples of their incredible work!

Website: http://www.theauburnhourfilms.com
Instagram: @auburnhour_films
Facebook: @theauburnhourfilms
Vimeo: @nataliehind

The White Tree

Photography by The White Tree

The White Tree are a creative collective based Australia-wide, known for their contemporary, cinematic wedding films that are anything but traditional!

Describing their videography style as ‘modern, emotive and timeless’, The White Tree also offer entertainment and photography services too.

Creating unique and personal wedding narratives across the country, you can see more from The White Tree through their social feeds and Vimeo below.

Website: http://thewhitetree.com.au
Instagram: @thewhitetree
Facebook: @thewhitetreecreative
Vimeo: @thewhitetree

Lemon Tree Film House

Photography by Lemon Tree Film House

Lemon Tree Film House is made up of husband-and-wife duo TJ and Shaun, and they sure make a pretty powerful team!

With a shared passion for filmmaking, TJ and Shaun create the most incredible wedding videos using their creative and artistic approach to cinematography.

We especially love their strong use of music to set the tone for each film, and their unique way of capturing all of the most important details naturally and unobtrusively.

Website: http://lemontreefilmhouse.com/home/
Instagram: @lemontreefilmhouse
Facebook: @lemontreefilmhouse
Vimeo: @lemontreefilmhouse

Tom Coburn Wedding Co

Photography by Tom Coburn Wedding Co

The films produced by NSW-based Tom Coburn really do act as proof that videography is an art form in itself.

Interpreting each wedding with his unique eye for angles, lines and design, Tom’s films are beautifully creative, tasteful and a genuine reflection of the moments shared on the day.

Shooting at some pretty incredible locations across the world, check out Tom’s online portfolio for films captured from the Southern Highlands and New Zealand to Scotland and Stockholm.

Website: http://www.tomcoburnstudio.com
Instagram: @tomcoburn_
Facebook: @tomcoburnstudio
Vimeo: @tomcoburnstudio

Yellowbull Weddings

Photography by Yellowbull Weddings

The passion behind the Yellowbull Weddings team is obvious through their thoughtfully crafted, fun and light-hearted films.

Based in Byron Bay but travelling across the globe, the Yellowbull Weddings team also offer photography services as an all-inclusive package option.

Sit back with a cup of tea as you browse through the Yellowbull Weddings account on Vimeo – a gorgeous collection of films that brought tears to our eyes and smiles to our faces!

Website: http://www.yellowbullweddings.com
Instagram: @yellowbullweddings
Facebook: @yellowbullweddings

Our Top Tips for Wedding Videography

Before choosing a wedding videographer to capture your day, we recommend keeping the following tips in mind!

  • Just like photographers, each videographer will have their own unique style and method when it comes to documenting your day. Some videographers will work discreetly behind-the-scenes, while others might like to get up close and personal for artfully staged shots. There can be many variances when it comes to editing styles too, so make sure you take a good look through your dream videographers portfolio to get a sense of what the final product will look and feel like.
  • It’s also important to have an upfront conversation with your videographer when it comes to details like the length of your finished film and the music used, to ensure everybody is on the same page! Whether you’re after a 5-minute highlight reel or a 20-minute feature, make sure you double check all of the inclusions of your package before booking.
  • We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – if you have a dream vendor in mind, be sure to secure them early! Good videographers are in extremely high demand, and may have a limited amount of bookings available each year. You can refer to our 12-month wedding planning timeline as a helpful guide to hold you accountable!

Wedding videographers really do have a pretty epic job on their hands, creating one of the most treasured and personal mementos from your day. And it only takes a quick peek through the portfolio of the 13 videographers above to see how much creative talent we have right here in Australia, with some super impressive vendors capturing moments across the country.

With the ability to document the most emotional and heartfelt moments in an authentic and genuine way, we reckon cinematographers are a pretty incredible bunch, and an essential part of your wedding day team!

Have we missed any videographers that you think we need to know about? Feel free to let us know via the WedSites Instagram page, so that we can continue sharing the love with our couples!