5 Practical Reasons to Go Digital with Online Wedding Invitations


Looking for a hassle-free way to send your wedding invitations and collect RSVPs before the big day? Online wedding invitations may just be your perfect wedding planning companion.

While paper invitations may be the more traditional method, online wedding invitations offer a level of convenience and flexibility worth considering. From saving money to managing your guest list, here are 5 practical reasons to go digital with online wedding invitations for your special day!

1. Online Wedding Invitations Can Save You Money

Traditional wedding invitations can take a decent chunk out of your wedding budget. When it comes to paper invites, you’ll need to budget for several different components – from stationery design to materials, printing and postage.

If you’re looking to cut down on costs for your wedding, opting for online wedding invitations is an easy way to save some extra dollars. While traditional wedding invitations can cost anywhere from $300 to $800+, online wedding invitations are available for just a small fraction of that price. Check out 6 ways to save money on your wedding stationery and invitations here!

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2. Online Wedding Invitations Help You Communicate With Guests

Wedding planning isn’t always smooth sailing, especially when you throw a global pandemic into the mix! If you’re planning your wedding during COVID-19, there’s a chance you may need to communicate some last-minute changes with your guests.

Let’s say you need to change your venue, set-up a live stream, or worst-case scenario – postpone your special day. With traditional wedding invitations, you’ll need to reprint and resend your wedding invitations at an additional cost. But with online wedding invitations, you can send digital updates to your guests in real-time, or send out a new round of “Change the Dates” without the extra price tag.

3. Online Wedding Invitations Can Match Your Wedding Website

One of our favourite things about online wedding invitations is the ability to choose a design that matches your wedding website! You can also use the same matching designs for other stationery requirements such as Save the Dates or Bridal Shower invitations.

Matching your digital stationery with your wedding website will create a beautiful, cohesive experience with your guests and set the tone for your special day. 


4. Online Wedding Invitations Help You Track RSVPs

Traditional wedding invitations can create a mountain of extra work when it comes to tracking RSVPs. Instead of worrying about your invitations getting lost in the mail or following up those last-minute stragglers (yet again!), online invitations allow you to easily see at a glance who has opened their invitation, and who is yet to reply. 

As a bonus, online wedding invitations actually encourage your guests to RSVP faster, too. Your loved ones can quickly respond to their digital invite in a matter of seconds with the simple click of a button – no trip to the post office required! Our digital RSVP tracker here at WedSites also allows you to send automated reminders to your guests, saving you time and stress in the lead-up to your celebration.

5. Online Wedding Invitations Are Better For The Planet!

Planning an eco-friendly wedding? You’ll be pleased to hear that online wedding invitations can help you minimise the carbon footprint of your wedding. As opposed to paper invitations, RSVP cards and envelopes, online wedding invitations won’t be going to waste after the big day. Check out these 9 simple ways to plan an eco-friendly wedding here!

Explore Our Online Wedding Invitations Here at WedSites

Choosing your wedding invitations is an exciting process! Your invitations should reflect your personality and style, while also setting the tone for your upcoming celebration.

Whether your vibe is bright and colourful, simple and elegant or soft and floral, we have a beautiful collection of online wedding invitations right here at WedSites. Our online wedding invitations can be personalised to suit your vision, with a matching wedding website to create a cohesive guest experience. Explore our range of modern templates here to get started!