6 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress


Shopping for your dream wedding dress can quickly become overwhelming once you realize the expenses involved! With designer dresses ranging anywhere from $1500 – $5000 onwards, it’s common for wedding gowns to take a significant chunk out of your budget.

So, how exactly can you cut costs on your wedding dress without compromising on quality or style? Read on as we share our top 6 tips for saving money on your wedding dress below!

Photo via Emily Wren

Shop at Trunk Shows and Sample Sales

Many wedding dress designers host annual sample sales and trunk shows, allowing you to shop for high-quality gowns at discounted prices. You can also usually find unique one-off pieces that didn’t make their way to the showroom. 

Keep in mind that these events typically only happen once a year, so you’ll want to plan ahead! We’d suggest signing up for the mailing lists of your favorite designers and bridal boutiques, so you can add any upcoming events to your calendar.

Photo via Stetten Wilson

Consider a Pre-Owned Gown

Many brides are happy to part ways with their wedding gown after their celebration, and often at a fraction of the original cost! Purchasing a pre-loved gown is also a more sustainable option – so if you’re trying to plan an eco-friendly wedding, this is a great place to start.

Websites like Still White or even Facebook Marketplace are fantastic places to begin your search for a pre-owned wedding dress, allowing you to filter results by size, style, and location. Just be sure to ask for detailed photos and inspect the dress carefully before making a purchase.

Photo via Olivia Suriana

Sell Your Gown After The Day

Similarly, you can plan to make some money back after your wedding by selling your gown on a secondhand marketplace. By getting a portion of your money back, it’s essentially like getting a discount on the original purchase price, to begin with!

Hire a Wedding Dress

Hiring or renting your wedding dress is another cost-effective (and sustainable) option if you’re not sentimental about keeping your gown. Most dress hire companies also include dry cleaning in the rental fee, so you don’t have to worry about this after the day.

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Opt For a Minimal Design

The cost of a wedding dress is often influenced by the design itself. Gowns with lots of intricate details, luxurious fabrics, and embellishments are typically more expensive than simpler styles, so consider opting for a minimal design at a lower price point.

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Modify a Family Heirloom

Finally, what could be more sentimental than wearing a piece of your very own family history? A vintage dress from your mother, grandmother, or another family member could be modified and restored by a seamstress, with adjustments made to suit your personal style. Customizing a pre-loved gown will definitely be more affordable than purchasing a dress brand-new, and it will also act as your “something borrowed” if you’re following tradition!

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