7 Creative Wedding Website Examples from Real Couples


What better way to set the stage for your special day than with a beautifully crafted wedding website? Not only does a wedding website serve as a practical tool for sharing essential information with your guests, it also allows you to express your love story and build excitement for the big event!

Here at WedSites, our wedding website templates are all completely customizable – and we absolutely love seeing what our couples create with them. From elegant and timeless designs to bright and bold color palettes, read on as we share 7 creative wedding website examples from real WedSites couples. Get ready to be inspired!

Kait and Eric

Template used: Dauphin

Why we love it: Kait and Eric have used a stunning landscape photo as their banner image, which immediately sets the tone for their website experience! We also adore their custom motif, and the fact that their RSVP button is front and center for their guests.

These two have also personalized their website by sharing their proposal story, accompanied by a very sweet video. Another detail we love is the custom Google map they’ve created for their traveling guests, which pinpoints their favorite local spots and their recommended hotels.

Amy and Ian

Template used: Denver

Why we love it: We love that Amy and Ian have personalized their website banner with a custom floral illustration, and have continued using floral details through the remainder of their website for a cohesive look. 

They’ve also shared a detailed schedule of the day with their guests and introduced their wedding party with some fun personalized bios. Amy and Ian even went back and updated their wedding website with their wedding photos and wedding playlist after the day, making it a beautiful time capsule for years to come!

Adam and Elena

Template used: Constanta

Why we love it: Adam and Elena have done an amazing job using imagery throughout their wedding website! The black and white banner creates a beautiful focal point for their guests, followed by a dreamy landscape photo that sets the tone for their coastal celebration.

Personalized with their relationship and love story, these two have also included stacks of helpful information for their guests (and used some great wording to address the topic of kids and plus ones!). 

Allison and Evan

Template used: Constanta

Why we love it: Allison and Evan’s wedding website features a gorgeous custom artwork as their banner with an easily accessible RSVP button for their guests. We also adore their beautiful color palette and illustrated floral motifs that appear throughout their entire website.

These two have done a fabulous job sharing all of the essential wedding details with their guests, including their wedding schedule, transport information and hotel block info. They’ve also used seperate pages for their wedding party, timeline and gift registry, making it easy for guests to find the details they need.

Mikaela and Nathan

Template used: Denver

Why we love it: Mikaela and Nathan have customized their wedding website with a bright and bold color palette that immediately sets the tone for their celebration. The burnt orange background paired with white text really makes their website pop, while also reflecting their destination wedding location in Orange, NSW!

These two have also made it super simple for guests to book accommodation, with direct links to their recommended hotels and Airbnbs.

Ellen and Kerry

Template used: Byron


Why we love it: We adore Ellen and Kerry’s minimalist black and white color palette, and all of the extra details they’ve included for their destination wedding – from travel tips to extensive FAQs.

Ellen and Kerry have also gone back to update their wedding website with photos from their special day, which we love! They’ve added a separate page with their wedding gallery link, making it easy for guests to see their happy snaps from the day.

Hannah and Nate

Template used: Byron

Why we love it: We love that Hannah and Nate have paired a crisp white background and black text with some beautiful imagery from their relationship (including their adorable fur babies!).

They’ve also made it easy for guests to plan their trip, with detailed information regarding travel, accommodation options and things to see and do during their stay.

How to Create Your Dream Wedding Website

Building your dream wedding website couldn’t be easier with our customizable templates here at WedSites! 

Just like our couples above, you can use our drag-and-drop website builder to personalize your website with your desired colors and fonts, upload custom artwork and illustrations, and add/remove pages as needed.

You can also find some wording examples for the different pages of your wedding website here.
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