8 Creative Ways to Go Digital with Your Wedding!


Technology is a pretty amazing thing. Today’s digital world is constantly changing and evolving, with new technologies being introduced and explored each day. So why not take advantage of these creative new discoveries when it comes to your wedding!

These days, there are so many clever ways for couples to go digital with their weddings. Even if you’re not a high-tech kind of person, don’t stress – we’re not talking about robots and lasers here! Going digital with your wedding can actually be a clever way to save time and stay organised, as well as putting your own personal stamp on the day.

Modern technology can now be used for a range of different things, from streamlining your planning process and communicating with guests to creating digital mementos to cherish forever. It’s pretty amazing to see how modern technology can help couples take their weddings to the next level!

Going digital with your wedding can really enhance both the functional and visual aspects of your big day. If you’re a creative couple wanting to introduce some modern technology into your wedding, keep reading for 8 of our favourite wedding tech ideas to take on board!

Photography by Lovers of Love Photography

1. Wedding Websites

Creating a wedding website has almost become the standard for modern couples in today’s digital world! Although paper invitations are seen as traditional, a wedding website allows you to communicate more information to your guests in a format that is both beautiful and functional.

Wedding websites can be a serious lifesaver for those planning a wedding interstate or overseas, enabling you to share crucial information like directions to the venue and local accommodation tips, as well as trackings RSVPs and rolling out any last-minute updates. It’s also the perfect way to build excitement before the big event.

With so many user-friendly platforms now available, creating a wedding website is now a quick, simple process that helps to connect you with your guests in the click of a button! Let your creativity run wild with a personal wedding website that helps to set the tone for your big day.

2. Hashtags

Personalised wedding hashtags essentially allow you to crowdsource all of the candid iPhone snaps from your day. We love the fact that a simple hashtag can help to connect all of your guests through the power of social media!

As the bride, your experience on your wedding day will be completely different to that of your guests. You never know what kind of beautiful, emotional or simply hilarious moments your guests might capture, and creating a personalised wedding hashtag will allow you to view them all easily in the once place!

Your wedding hashtag doesn’t just need to be applicable to the big day itself. Create your hashtag early and you can use it for your engagement party and hens night too. Taking a trip down memory lane after the day will be as simple as scrolling through the hashtags on Instagram! Just make sure you let your guests know which hashtag to use via your wedding website, and choose one that is completely unique to keep the photo feed relevant.

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3. Snapchat Geofilters

Talking about guests getting snap-happy on the day… why not design your own custom filter to really personalise the experience!

If you’re not already familiar with the popular mobile app Snapchat, it’s essentially a photo and video sharing platform with the ability to incorporate text, stickers and other quirky filters. Creating your own custom filter for your wedding is a fun way for guests to capture candid moments from the day with a difference!

With the Snapchat geofilter tool, you can simply follow the user-friendly steps to personalising your own filter and then specify the time and location that you want the filter to be available to your guests. You can make it as fun and colourful as you like, to reflect the look and feel you have planned for the big day!

Or for a more boutique filter, you can also create and purchase your own from designers on Etsy. There are some incredible online designers that can incorporate calligraphy, logos and even personalised caricatures to make your Snapchat filters truly memorable. Make sure you give guests the heads up via your wedding website, so they can ensure they have the Snapchat app downloaded before the big day.

4. Live Streaming

For those special guests that are sadly unable to be there on the day due to work, travel or health reasons, the beauty of modern technology can allow them to experience your wedding through live streaming!

Many couples are now turning to live video streams to share those intimate moments like the ceremony proceedings and first dance with guests that aren’t able to physically attend the wedding. It’s also something to consider if you’re planning to elope, as a way to share your ceremony with family and friends back home.

The easiest way to utilise live streaming is through Skype or Facebook live. Our tip: make sure you take the time to customise your privacy settings for your live streams so that it only gets seen by the right people!

Photography by Kristaa Jones
Laser Cut Calligraphy by Laura Hooper Calligraphy

5. 3D Printing

3D printing is one advancement in modern technology that will ensure your wedding is completely custom and unique to you! From laser-cut stationery and cake toppers to signage and table decor, there are really no limits when it comes to making personalised 3D prints for your big day.

It might sound super techy but don’t stress – you can design and order 3D prints online from the comfort of your very own home. We love the idea of a laser-cut love quote to hang above the bar or behind your ceremony, or unique place cards for your table settings.

6. Digital Photo Booths

It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way since disposable cameras left on guest tables! If you’re considering hiring a photo booth for your big day, there are some incredible modern options now available that will put those disposable cameras to shame.

From GIF-booths (for creating your own moving GIFs!) to Instagram printers (allowing guests to print their Instagram snaps from the day), there is no shortage of creative ways for guests to capture moments from your wedding. Photo booths can also provide your guests with a fun keepsake that they can take home and cherish as a memento.

You can get creative with a photo booth backdrop and some quirky props for guests to use in their snaps too. If you’re planning a DIY wedding, this is the perfect way to get crafty and make something that reflects your wedding style and vision.

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Design by Lux Events and Design

7. Photo Sharing

Once the big day has been and gone, you’ll be eagerly awaiting that email from your photographer filled with the beautiful imagery from the day. It’s only natural to want to share these shots ASAP with the family and friends who joined you for the celebrations, and luckily it’s never been easier with today’s modern tech!

There are a few different apps and platforms available when it comes to sharing photos with guests. One of the easiest would have to be Dropbox – simply collate your images into a folder on the Dropbox platform and then send the link out to your guests. It’s totally cloud-based so it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

8. Task Organisation

Instead of handwritten lists and messy notes scrawled on scrap paper, we think it’s time for brides to go digital with their wedding planning when it comes to task organisation!

Having your tasks and to-do lists easily accessible in the one place can really help you stay organised and on track with that never-ending wedding planning checklist. Using an online platform like WedSites for task organisation really allows you to streamline the planning process and tick those tasks off as you go.

You can even set reminders and deadlines to make sure everything happens when it needs to – like booking your wedding vendors, paying deposits and finalising your guest list.

Photography by Jen Dillender

Use Wedding Tech to Your Advantage

Going digital with your wedding doesn’t have to mean high-tech robotics or flashy gadgets! Using modern technology for your big day is all about saving you time, streamlining your planning process and injecting some creativity into your wedding celebrations.

Whether it’s sharing the day with guests who can’t join you, crowdsourcing images through social media or communicating details for the wedding via a stylish online website, there are so many creative ways to embrace today’s modern wedding tech. So why not make your day truly unique with these creative digital solutions!