Angie and Julian’s Wedding at Deer Mountain Inn


No matter what styles or trends may come, the classics will always be here to stay.

Outdoor weddings are always so romantic, and Angie and Julian knew exactly how to complement the natural charm of their surroundings. The couple opted for less flowers, more rustic vibes, and white accents that created a classy-looking style.

Check out the snaps from Joshua Kane Photography of this beautiful wedding, which can surely help you plan your special day. Enjoy!

Where did you get married?

Deer Mountain Inn in Tannersville, NY, USA

Why did you choose to get married at Deer Mountain Inn?

We stayed at Deer Mountain Inn multiple years in a row to host Friendsgivings with our close friends – it’s within driving distance of New York City where we live. We loved everything about the ambiance, the food and the cocktails. Once we were engaged, I spoke with them about potentially being our venue and they checked all of the boxes.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

The most memorable part of our wedding day had to be our entrance into the reception. Our best friend of over 8 years was the MC and gave the most hilarious introduction for us as we entered the tent.I had such tunnel vision during the ceremony (reciting my vows, trying not to trip…) that the reception was my first opportunity to truly see all of the people from different eras of my life all together in one place. Guests one after another came up to say hello and congratulate us. We then took photos with our closest friends and popped a bottle of champagne. This was the true kick-off for the partying to begin!

Angie, paint us a picture. What was the theme, style, colors, and overall vibe of your wedding day?

Simplicity was key for me! We generally ran with the rustic, woodsy vibe that Deer Mountain Inn already does so well. The venue also provided an insane backdrop so we let nature do it’s thing! For florals, we went with mostly white with some tans and browns mixed in. For our dinner, we chose all wooden tables and chairs, and neutral place settings. We didn’t have an official bridal party so our sisters and friends were welcome to wear whatever style and color they were most comfortable in. For signage, we went with easy-to-read colors and classic typography.

What was your favorite part of planning your wedding?

I love planning and hosting small events so planning our wedding was a joy throughout. One of my favorite parts was putting together the high-level timeline of how the day was going to go down – from ceremony to dinner, all the way to the after-party.

What was the best investment you made for your wedding?

Since our wedding was technically a destination wedding, we ended up booking out rooms at the venue for 4 nights for our immediate families and close friends. I am so grateful that we did this, as it gave us much more time to hang with our closest people. It also gave us time to ease into wedding mode and be way more prepared for the chaos of the wedding day. Highly recommend this if you can swing it!

Is there anything you would have done differently?

I wish we had figured out what songs we wanted to use for the first dance, parent dances, etc much sooner in the planning process. These surprisingly took a very long time to decide on and I wish we weren’t trying to figure it out in the weeks before the wedding with everything else to do!

What was your favorite part of using WedSites for your wedding?

The guest list and RSVP management were hands down my favorite part of using WedSites. I found it extremely easy to import my guest list from a spreadsheet and then receive RSVPs and other responses from guests via our wedding website. Some other things that stood out to me: the seating chart feature is super fun to use, you can fully customize your website, and the whole experience is ad-free since you pay upfront.

Wedding planning is notoriously stressful. Now that you’ve gone through the process, do you have any advice or words of wisdom for couples who are currently in the midst of planning theirs?

I definitely recommend deciding early on in the process what is most important about the day to you and your partner. That way you can focus the majority of your time and money on that. There are always going to be additional things that you can do or a way that you can make something better but it’s not possible to do it all! The important thing for me and my husband was throwing an amazing party and making sure that all of our guests had the best time they could possibly have! Our priorities were good food and cocktails, an amazing sound system and music, and smooth logistics throughout the day.

The amazing team of vendors involved with this wedding

Venue | Caterer | Decor | Wedding Planner: Deer Mountain Inn
Photographer: Joshua Kane Photography
Entertainment: JD Gluckstern | PurpleSound
Florist: Posie & Plume
Hair Stylist: Jennifer Brent
Makeup Artist: Anthony Merante
Wedding Dress: Anna Kara | Lovely Bride NYC
Attire: Zegna
Jeweler: Britt Bolton Jewelry | Lola Brooks
Rentals: Events Unlimited
Transportation: Coxsackie Transport
Wedding Website: WedSites