Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Examples and Etiquette


One of the most exciting parts about planning a destination wedding? Inviting your favourite group of people to join you for the ride!

With borders finally opening across the globe, your loved ones will likely be jumping at the chance to book a long-awaited holiday. With this in mind, it’s important to word your invitations correctly to help them plan and prepare for your upcoming event.

From timelines to travel tips, read on as we share some wedding invitation wording examples for your destination wedding – and a few etiquette rules to keep in mind along the way.

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What to Include in Your Destination Wedding Invitations

First things first: how much information do you need to include on your invitations for a destination wedding?

Destination weddings tend to have a completely different set of logistics that need to be communicated with your guests – from hotel blocks to welcome dinners and travel suggestions. However, it’s best to keep your wedding invitations simple, and include these extra details on an insert card or via your wedding website instead. 

At the most basic level, your wedding invitations should include the following essential details:

  • Your names
  • The wedding date and time
  • The venue name 
  • The city and state or country where your wedding will be hosted
  • The RSVP date and method
  • Your wedding website link (if applicable)

Then, on your wedding website, you can elaborate further on:

  • Dress code
  • Travel and accommodation tips
  • Additional events (such as a welcome dinner or recovery lunch)
  • What to pack
  • A local map/itinerary
  • FAQs

Read our guide on what to include on your destination wedding website here!

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Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

When it comes to invitation wording for a destination wedding, be inspired by the formality of your event. Planning a black-tie soiree in a romantic European city? Keep your wording sophisticated and traditional. Planning a vibrant beachfront wedding in Mexico? Use fun, festive language to set the tone instead. 

Our number one tip? Don’t be afraid to use your invitation wording to get your guests excited about your celebration! 

Here are some destination wedding invitation wording examples to inspire you:

Pack your bags, book your flights,

and join us in Hawaii for a few romantic nights!

(Name) and (Name) are getting married at

Diamond Beach Resort, Honolulu

10th August, 2023

at 5pm in the evening

For more details and to RSVP, 

please visit our website

(insert website link)

Our greatest adventure awaits!

Please join us for the wedding of

(Name) and (Name)

February 5th, 2023

at San Giorgio Vineyard, Siena, Tuscany

at 3pm

For accommodation details and to RSVP, 

please visit our website: 

(insert website link)

Grab your passports!

(Name) and (Name) are tying the knot.

23rd September, 2024

Skyline Rooftop Bar, New York City

Additional travel and RSVP details can be found via our website:

(insert website link)

Join us in paradise!

You are cordially invited to our wedding weekend getaway

from 10th November, 2024

at Solmar Resort, Cabo San Lucas

For more details and to RSVP, visit

(wedding website link)

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“No Pressure” Destination Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

Travelling to attend a destination wedding simply may not be feasible for some of your loved ones due to finances, children, work or other commitments. If you’re looking for a way to tell your guests there’s absolutely no pressure to attend, consider adding a short note to your wedding website to put their minds at ease.

You can say something simple like:

“We completely understand the cost to travel and take time off work may not be achievable for some. Please join us if you are able, but we will gladly accept your warm wishes from afar!”


“Please know, while we would love to celebrate with you all on the day, we understand it can be difficult to schedule time away from work and other commitments. We will be live-streaming our ceremony for any loved ones who are unable to join us, and look forward to celebrating with you all in some way – whether that’s near or far!”

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Invitation Etiquette for a Destination Wedding

Finally, be sure to send out your wedding invitations without a hitch by following these etiquette rules for a destination wedding:

  • Give your guests enough time to prepare. Remember, your loved ones may need to budget for their trip and make arrangements with work or childcare. With this in mind, we suggest sending your save the dates around 9-12 months for a destination wedding, with formal invitations to follow around 4-6 months before the day.
  • Don’t ask for gifts. Due to the costs involved in attending a destination wedding, it’s considered poor etiquette to include gift registry details on your invitations or wedding website. Instead, let your guests know their presence is present enough!
  • Be generous with plus ones. When it comes to a destination wedding, plus ones should ideally be offered to all significant others. Asking someone to travel solo to attend your destination wedding without their partner is a pretty big ask! If you have any single guests who won’t know anybody else, it’s also a nice idea to include a plus one so they have a travel companion, too.
  • Consider inviting kids. Similarly, asking parents to attend a destination wedding without their children (especially if it’s an overseas trip) can put them in a tough position. If you really want the parents to be there, you may need to consider extending an invitation to their kids, too.
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Destination Wedding Planning 101

Looking for more destination wedding planning tips? Check out our ultimate guide to destination wedding etiquette here, and the 8 Dos and Don’ts of destination wedding planning for a stress-free event.

Ps: you can create a beautiful wedding website for your destination wedding with WedSites! Explore our range of customisable templates, or sign up for your free account to get started.