Dress Code Wording Examples for Your Wedding Website


Whether you’re planning an elegant black tie affair or a more relaxed cocktail event, clear communication about the dress code is key to ensure your loved ones feel comfortable.

But when it comes to sharing your dress code details, there’s a fine line between providing gentle guidance and being downright demanding!

Not sure how to share your dress code details with guests? Read on for our tips on choosing the right dress code for your event, along with some specific wording examples you can use on your wedding website. 

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Do We Need a Dress Code For Our Wedding?

While it’s definitely not mandatory, establishing a dress code helps set the tone for your wedding and ensures your guests know what to expect. A dress code can also prevent any awkwardness or confusion about appropriate attire – allowing everyone to enjoy the day without worrying about what they’re wearing.

Feeling “under” or “over” dressed can actually be a source of stress for many people when attending events, so a dress code is usually welcomed and appreciated!

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How to Choose a Dress Code For Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress code, you’ll want to consider the formality of your event and the comfort of your guests.

First, think about your venue. If your wedding is at a formal venue like a ballroom or luxury hotel, a more sophisticated dress code like black tie might be suitable. On the other hand, if you’re having a garden wedding, a semi-formal or cocktail dress code could be more appropriate.

Next, consider your overall wedding theme. Are you dreaming about an elegant, glamorous event, or is your vibe more casual and low-key? Your dress code can influence the tone of your event, so think about what best reflects your vision for the day.

Finally, don’t forget about any additional details that could help your guests feel more comfortable in their attire. For example: is your wedding taking place outdoors? You may want to recommend bringing a jacket or coat for the evening, or avoiding stilettos that may get stuck on the lawn!

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How to Share Your Dress Code Details with Guests

Once you’ve decided on a dress code, it’s important to communicate this clearly to your guests before the day.

While you can include your dress code on your wedding invitations, it’s a better idea to share it on your wedding website where you can provide more detailed information.

When it comes to sharing your dress code details effectively, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Be specific. Use clear, specific language when describing your dress code, and avoid vague terms that could be misinterpreted. Providing some examples can also be a helpful way to prevent any confusion.
  • Make it easy to find. We’d suggest adding your dress code to a prominent section of your website (such as your homepage) where guests won’t miss it. Then, provide a more detailed description via your FAQs page.
  • Don’t make demands. It’s okay to share special requests (such as asking your guests to reflect your color theme if possible), but it’s considered impolite to make this a mandatory requirement. Keep your wording casual, not demanding!
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Dress Code Wording Examples For Your Wedding Website

Not sure how to word your dress code effectively? Refer to these dress code wording examples that you can copy and paste for your wedding website, from formal to least formal.

Black Tie Dress Code

“For our wedding, we kindly request black tie attire. Gentlemen, please wear a tuxedo. Ladies, an evening gown or ball gown is perfect. We look forward to seeing everyone in their finest attire!”

Formal Dress Code

“Our wedding will be a formal affair. Gentlemen are encouraged to wear a suit and tie, while ladies can opt for a floor-length gown or formal cocktail dress. We can’t wait to celebrate with you in style!”

Semi-Formal Dress Code

“We’d love for our guests to join us in semi-formal attire. Gentlemen, please wear a suit or blazer with dress pants. Ladies, a midi-length cocktail dress or dressy seperates would be ideal”

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Cocktail Dress Code

“Our wedding will have a cocktail attire dress code. Gentlemen, please feel free to wear a suit or dress shirt. Ladies, a cocktail dress or dressy seperates are great. For this time of year, we’d also recommend a jacket (and ladies, flat heels will be best for the lawn!)”

Smart Casual Dress Code

“Our wedding dress code will be smart casual. Gentlemen, please wear dress pants or chinos with a button-down shirt or polo. Ladies, a sundress, skirt, or dressy pants with a nice top would be lovely.”

Custom Dress Code

“We would love our dress code to complement our chosen theme for the day, and kindly request our guests to wear pastel colors (lilac, blush, sage or blue) if possible. Gentlemen, please consider light-colored suits or dress pants with pastel shirts. Ladies, we’d love to see you in pastel dresses or outfits!”
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