How to Choose Eco-Friendly Wedding Suppliers (Including The Questions You Should Ask)


Planning an eco-friendly wedding? Working with like-minded wedding suppliers who share your values is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your celebration. 

From florists to caterers and stationery artists, there are some fantastic eco-conscious wedding suppliers out there who can work with you to plan a sustainable wedding. Read on for our tips on choosing eco-friendly wedding vendors below, including some must-ask questions to help you find your “green” team!

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Start Local

If you’ve already locked in a location for the day, ask your wedding venue for their recommendations on the best local suppliers in the region. Working with suppliers located in close proximity to your venue means less transport and fuel required for site visits, set-up and pack-down after the day. 

Bonus: local wedding suppliers who have experience at your venue can also make the planning process much easier! These suppliers will already be familiar with the ins and outs of the venue, and can make relevant suggestions based on previous weddings. For example: the best secret spots for your wedding photos, or the most practical wet-weather backup plan.

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Browse Eco-Friendly Wedding Directories

Another great place to find eco-friendly wedding vendors is through an eco-friendly wedding directory. Specialty directories like Less Stuff More Meaning are home to a selection of “green” vendors handpicked for their ethical approach to weddings – making it easy to find businesses who align with your vision. 

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Open Up The Conversation

If planning an eco-friendly wedding is important to you, make this clear in your initial enquiry to open up the conversation. This will allow your wedding suppliers to tailor their quote accordingly and make appropriate suggestions to reflect your values. For example: a wedding caterer can base their menu around seasonal produce, or a stationery artist can suggest biodegradable paper options. 

Don’t be afraid to put your own ideas forward, too – good wedding suppliers will be happy to work with you to reduce the environmental impact of your day.

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Questions to Ask Eco-Friendly Wedding Vendors

Asking the right questions will help you narrow down your options and find wedding suppliers who share your eco-friendly ethos. Below, we’ve compiled some of our top questions to ask potential wedding suppliers for an eco-friendly wedding. Some of these questions are specific to certain vendors, while others can be applied across the board.

  • Have you worked on eco-friendly weddings before? 
  • Where do you source your products from? 
  • Do you have a recycling policy in place?
  • What is your food waste policy? 
  • What is your stance on single-use plastics (including straws, balloons and other plastic decor)?
  • Do you hold any sustainability standards or certificates?
  • Do you work with local, seasonal produce?
  • Do you offer vegan options?
  • Are your diamonds ethically sourced?
  • Do you use floral foam?
  • Are you partnered with any green charities or initiatives?
  • Can you source sustainable decor items?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how to make our wedding more eco-friendly?
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More Ways to Plan An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Along with choosing eco-conscious vendors, you’ll also want to think about some other decisions you can make as a couple to reduce the carbon footprint of your day.

This could include:

  • Making charity donations to an environmental organisation in lieu of guest favours (and asking guests to do the same in lieu of gifts)
  • Choosing an eco-friendly wedding venue
  • Donating leftover flowers to local hospitals and aged care homes 
  • Going digital with online wedding invitations, online RSVPs and a wedding website in lieu of traditional paper stationery
  • Buying or hiring a pre-loved gown

Just to name a few! Get started with these 9 simple tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding, or learn more about our green wedding initiatives here at WedSites. We plant one tree for every wedding planned on our platform!