5 Great Ways to Make Your Wedding Kid-friendly

How to plan a kid-friendly wedding

Planning a kid-friendly wedding? Children at weddings can bring so much joy, but working out how to accommodate them can also feel a little stressful!

Don’t panic – planning a family-friendly celebration is actually easier than you might think. Keep reading for our top 5 tips on entertaining little ones at your wedding, and creating a safe, comfortable environment that adults will love too.

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Choose a Child-Friendly Wedding Venue

If you’re planning a kid-friendly day, this will need to be taken into consideration when researching the perfect wedding venue. For example: is there ample room for the kids to run around and play? Are there any safety hazards to be aware of, such as steep staircases, doors opening to main roads, or bodies of water like lakes, ponds or swimming pools?

To help you narrow down your options, you’ll also want to check whether the venue has the right facilities to host any little ones joining you on the day. For example: can they organise separate meals for the kids, and are there high-chairs available if needed?

It’s best to have an upfront chat with your wedding venue and let them know how many kids you’ll need to accommodate. They’ll be able to let you know if they foresee any issues, and might even have some tips and tricks to share from previous weddings.

Download our free venue research worksheet here to compare your options and find the perfect fit!

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Create a Dedicated Kids Area

Creating a dedicated “kids zone” at your wedding is the perfect way to keep kids entertained, while allowing the parents to relax and enjoy their day, too! 

Depending on your venue, this could be a small tipi on the lawn, a picnic-style setting with rugs and cushions, or simply a dedicated kids table at your reception. Bonus points if your venue has a spare indoor room that you can deck out as a movie theatre or games area!

Along with giving kids their own space to hang out during the day, it’s also a good idea to provide some entertainment and activities to keep them occupied. For younger kids, think about organising some goodie bags filled with crafts, colouring-in books and suitable toys. For older kids, some age-appropriate ideas could include board games, books, puzzles or lawn games like giant Jenga and Connect Four.

If you want to go the extra mile (and if your budget allows!), you may even decide to hire specialty entertainers such as a face painter, balloon artist or magician. 

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Give Them Responsibilities

Why not help the little ones feel important on the day by giving them small tasks and responsibilities? You can get them involved in your wedding party as flower girls or page boys, have them hand out ceremony programs and confetti, or give them disposable cameras and a list of things to photograph throughout the day. Kids love to feel included! 

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Hire a Babysitter or Nanny Service

For a totally stress-free option, hiring a babysitter or nanny service for your wedding will be invaluable. This will give you (and the parents) total peace of mind that the kids are safe and happy, allowing everyone to let their hair down and enjoy the party!

These days, there are plenty of wedding childcare services available, with many of them providing their own entertainment and activities, too. Depending on the number of kids at your wedding and the timing of your event, you can usually tailor a package to suit your needs – whether you need a babysitter for the entire day, or just a few hours in the evening.

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Help Parents Plan Ahead

Finally, help any parents plan ahead by providing a rough timeline or schedule for the day in advance. This will allow them to organise things like naps and feedings accordingly. 

The easiest way to communicate these details is via your wedding website. Simply provide a general outline of the day with any key times such as your ceremony start and finish time, cocktail hour, and reception start and finish time. If you’ve organised childcare or entertainment services, make sure you also provide these details so that parents know exactly who’ll be looking after their little ones.

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