How to Send Wedding Invitations (Physical and Digital) with Online RSVPs


Looking for an easier way to manage your guest list? Using wedding invitations with online RSVPs makes it super simple for your guests to confirm their attendance with the click of a button.

Online RSVPs can be used with both physical and digital invitations – so if you love the idea of paper invitations but want to track your RSVPs online, you can get the best of both worlds!

If you’re thinking about using online RSVPs for your upcoming wedding, we’re here to help. From creating a custom RSVP form to sharing the link with your loved ones, keep reading as we explain exactly how to send wedding invitations with online RSVPs below.

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Step 1. Create Your Wedding Website

The easiest way to collect online RSVPs is via your wedding website, so you’ll want to spend some time building this out first! 

Choosing a wedding website platform with built-in RSVP features will make the process much smoother. Here at WedSites, our wedding website syncs with your digital guest list database, so only guests who have been invited can RSVP online – and their responses will be automatically updated.

Start by selecting one of our beautiful templates, and use our drag and drop wedding website builder to change colors and fonts, upload artworks, add new pages, and fill out your different wedding website sections. Check out our guide to creating your wedding website in 6 simple steps here!

You can also create a custom URL and password for your wedding website. Tip: make this something relevant to your wedding, and easy to remember for your guests!

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Step 2. Customize Your RSVP form

Next, you’ll need to customize your digital RSVP form. This is the online form your guests will be prompted to complete when they visit your wedding website and click the “RSVP” button. 

You can use our RSVP form builder to create a custom RSVP questionnaire for all guests who visit your wedding website. You’ll want to personalize your form to ask relevant questions and gather essential details from your guests. For example:

  • Attendance status
  • Number of people attending
  • Plus one details (if offered)
  • Dietary requirements
  • Meal selection
  • Whether they need a seat on your shuttle bus

You may want to include some extra questions “just for fun”, like dance floor requests or their best piece of marriage advice for the future. Read our guide on the best RSVP questions to ask your guests here!

You can also add additional events to the online RSVP process, like your rehearsal dinner or recovery brunch. These events can be made private, so only those who have been invited to each specific event will be able to view and RSVP to it.

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Step 3. Include Your Wedding Website Link or QR Code On Your Invitations

Once your wedding website is published and your RSVP form has been created, you can now share the details with your guests! 

The easiest way to do this is via your wedding invitations. Whether you’re sending paper or digital invitations, it’s as simple as including your wedding website link (and password, if needed) and prompting your guests to RSVP online. You can include your wedding website link at the bottom of your wedding invitations, or on a separate information card for a more formal tone. 

Another option within the WedSites platform is to create a custom QR code for your RSVP form. Guests will be able to take a photo of the code and view your RSVP form on their smartphones. This QR code can also be included on your wedding invitations, both physical and digital!

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Wording Examples For Asking Guests to RSVP Online

Asking your guests to RSVP online is easy. Simply include a short sentence prompting them to visit your wedding website. Don’t forget to include your RSVP due date somewhere on your wedding invitations, too!

Consider these wording examples for asking wedding guests to RSVP online:

For more details and to RSVP, please visit: (insert website link) using the password (insert password)

Kindly respond by (due date) using our wedding website: (insert website link)

Please RSVP by (due date) via our wedding website: (insert website link)

If you’re including a separate information card, you may choose to elaborate further. You can say something like:


We have created a wedding website to share all of the essential wedding details with you, including accommodation, transport, and FAQs. 

Please kindly use our wedding website to RSVP by (due date). We look forward to celebrating with you!

(insert wedding website link)

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The Best Time to Send Your Wedding RSVP Link

Wondering when you should send out the link to your online RSVPs?

For a local wedding, we’d recommend sending your RSVP link with your invitations around 2-3 months before your wedding, with an RSVP deadline of 3-4 weeks before the day.

For a destination wedding, you’ll want to give your guests more time to make arrangements for their trip. In this case, we’d recommend sending your RSVP link with your invitations at the 6-month mark, with an RSVP deadline of 6-8 weeks before the day.

Collect RSVPs Online with WedSites

We’ve made it easy to send wedding invitations with online RSVPs here at WedSites! From our wedding website builder to our paperless invitations and RSVP tracker, we have everything you need to manage your guest list in one beautiful place. 

Learn more about our online RSVP tools here, or create your WedSites account to get started.