How to Share Your Wedding Website with Guests


Building a wedding website is the perfect way to share wedding info with guests, track RSVPs and build excitement for your special day. But once you’ve created your wedding website, what’s the best way to share the details with your guests?

Keep reading as we explain exactly how to publish and announce your wedding website below, including where to put your wedding website on your invitations and the etiquette rules you need to know.

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Building Your Wedding Website

Before sending out the link to your spanking-new wedding website, you’ll need to polish it up and get it ready for publishing!

Remember, the purpose of creating a wedding website is to share all of the need-to-know wedding info with your guests (and ideally, avoid hundreds of text messages before the day). 

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to make sure your wedding website includes the following practical details where applicable:

  • A timeline of events
  • Venue directions 
  • Parking and transport information
  • Accommodation information
  • Dress code 
  • Gift registry details
  • RSVP instructions
  • FAQs

Your wedding website is also the perfect place to broach the topic of kids and plus ones, if relevant. You can read our wedding website wording examples for tricky situations here!

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Getting Your URL and Password Ready

In order to share your wedding website, you’ll need to send the URL link to your guests. Some wedding website builders (like our platform here at WedSites!) allow you to create a custom URL for your website, or use your own domain name if preferred. Creating a custom URL not only helps to personalise your wedding website, but also makes it easy for your guests to remember the link – even if they don’t have it right in front of them.

When it comes to choosing your wedding website URL, we’d recommend keeping it simple and concise by including your first names or future surname. For example: HarryLovesSally or TheFutureJohnsons.

Depending on your wedding website builder, you may also have the option to set a custom code to password protect your wedding website. Again, we’d recommend keeping this simple and easy for guests to remember – for example, your wedding date.

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How to Announce Your Wedding Website

So your wedding website is live (hooray!), your RSVP page is activated and you have the URL ready to go. What’s the correct etiquette when it comes to sharing the link with your guests?

Posting your wedding website link across your social media accounts may seem like an easy option, but we’d heavily advise against it. In our experience, this will only cause confusion (and potentially, hurt feelings) about who is and isn’t invited to your wedding.

Instead, it’s best to share your wedding website link directly with each guest through your wedding invitations. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you may even want to include the link on your Save the Dates to help guests plan ahead for their trip.

Including your wedding website link on your invitations is also important for collecting RSVPs. These days, it’s common practice to collect RSVPs online via your wedding website – so including the link on your invitations will ensure this happens as seamlessly (and quickly!) as possible. 

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Where to Put Your Wedding Website on Your Wedding Invitations

With this being said, where exactly should your wedding website link fit on your wedding invitations? 

Traditional etiquette states that you shouldn’t include your wedding website link on the invitation itself, but rather on an additional insert card. If you’re using traditional mailing methods and want to maintain a formal tone for your invitations, you might decide to go down this route.

But in our opinion, we think this “rule” is a little outdated – not to mention, it defeats the purpose of creating a wedding website to avoid these additional inserts in the first place! Instead, we’d suggest including your wedding website link discreetly at the bottom of your wedding invitations. If you’re using online wedding invitations, your guests will be able to click the link and be instantly taken to your wedding website.

When it comes to the wording itself, keep it short and sweet by saying something like:

  • For more information, visit: (insert URL)
  • For event details and to RSVP, visit: (insert URL)
  • For more wedding details, head to: (insert URL) using the passcode (insert code)
  • Please RSVP by (RSVP deadline) at: (insert URL)
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Create Your Wedding Website With Ease

Building a beautiful, responsive wedding website is easy here at WedSites. Our modern collection of templates can be totally customised, with online RSVP tracking and matching digital stationery. Learn more about our wedding website builder here, or sign up for your free account to get started!