How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech: Wording Examples and Ideas


As a maid of honor, you’ll need to juggle several important duties – from organising an epic bridal shower to going wedding dress shopping and holding the bride’s bouquet.

But the most daunting task of all? Writing and delivering a maid of honor speech at the reception!

We totally get how terrifying this can be, which is why we’re here to help. Keep reading for our ultimate guide on writing the perfect maid of honor speech below, including some brainstorming prompts and wording examples to get you started.

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How Long Should a Maid of Honor Speech Be?

Let’s get the good news out of the way first: your maid of honor speech doesn’t have to be long! Remember, you probably won’t be the only one speaking at the reception, so you’ll want to keep your speech short and sweet. We’d say the perfect maid of honor speech should ideally be between 2 to 4 minutes, and definitely no longer than 5.

What Should a Maid of Honor Speech Include?

Simply put, a maid of honor speech should be based around two key things: celebrating your relationship with the bride and celebrating her relationship with her new husband or wife. 

Maid of honor speeches usually includes a mix of personal anecdotes, compliments to the happy couple, and well wishes for the future. Your speech can include your favourite memories with the bride, but it should also strike the right balance by including some sentiments towards her partner and their relationship, too. Usually, you’ll start your speech by talking about the bride and wrap it up by talking about her and her partner as a couple.

So, what does this look like in action? If you’re looking for a helpful framework to follow, consider this tried and tested formula for a winning maid of honor speech below:

  • Introduce yourself. It might seem obvious, but introducing yourself is important to give your speech context and explain your relationship with the bride. Don’t forget, there may be guests at the wedding who have no idea who you are!
  • Talk about the bride. Begin your speech by complimenting the bride. What do you love about her? What makes her such a good person/best friend/sibling? Be specific with your compliments, too – rather than saying, “She’s such a generous friend”, share a specific moment that demonstrates this.
  • Include a favourite anecdote. Do you have a favourite memory that sticks out when you reflect on your relationship with the bride? This is a good time to share one or two short anecdotes. They can be funny stories or more sincere and heartfelt moments.
  • Compliment their partner. Now it’s time to bring her partner into the speech. What are your favourite qualities about them? What was your first impression of them? Why are they such a good match for the bride?
  • Celebrate the couple. This is where you’ll want to highlight the relationship between the happy couple. Talk about what makes their relationship so special, what you admire about them as a couple, and how their lives have changed for the better.
  • Share your well wishes. Tie it all together by offering your best piece of marriage advice, favourite quote, or some warm wishes for the future.
  • Share a toast. Finally, raise your glass to toast the happy couple (and reward yourself with a sip of champagne, too!).
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Things To Avoid In Your Maid of Honor Speech

Now that you know what to include in a maid of honor speech, is there anything you should strictly avoid? When it comes to correct etiquette, keep the following suggestions in mind to ensure your speech is well-received: 

  • Sharing funny stories or gently “roasting” the couple is totally fine if that suits your relationship with them, but steer clear of anything inappropriate, rude, or embarrassing. Remember, there will likely be elderly relatives and important family members in the room, so keep it PG-rated.
  • If you’re not comfortable using jokes or humour, then don’t! It’s better to keep your speech genuine and heartfelt, rather than trying to be funny. Of course, it’s completely okay to include some comedy, but don’t force it unless it’s true to who you are.
  • While you and your BFF probably have a lifetime of inside jokes between you, try to avoid referencing these in your speech. If the majority of wedding guests won’t understand it, it’s probably not worth including.
  • Finally, don’t bring up any old boyfriends or ex-partners! It probably goes without saying, but your maid of honor speech is about celebrating the happy couple – not bringing up unwanted memories from the past.
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Maid of Honor Speech Writing Prompts

Still feeling stuck? The best place to start crafting your maid of honor speech is usually with a good brainstorming session. Use these questions and writing prompts to help you get the inspiration flowing:

  • How did you meet the bride? 
  • What was your first impression of her?
  • How has your relationship evolved over the years?
  • What’s your favourite memory with the bride?
  • What’s your funniest story about the bride?
  • What are the bride’s best qualities? How does she demonstrate this?
  • How would you describe the bride in 3 words?
  • How did you meet her partner?
  • What was your first impression of her partner?
  • What are her partner’s best qualities? How do they demonstrate this?
  • How would you describe her partner in 3 words?
  • How did you know her partner was “the one”?
  • How did her partner propose?
  • What do you admire most about the couple?
  • What milestones have the couple celebrated?
  • How has their relationship evolved over the years?
  • Have they overcome any challenges or hardships together?
  • What makes their relationship unique?
  • What’s your favourite memory with the couple?
  • How have they made an impact on your life?
  • What are your hopes for their future together as a married couple?

Once you’ve spent some time answering these prompts, you should have plenty of fantastic material to work with. 

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Maid of Honor Speech Examples and Ideas

Now, it’s time to start pulling everything together! Use these maid of honor speech templates and examples below to be inspired:

Maid of Honor Speech Example For Sister:

“Hi everyone. I wanted to start by thanking you all for being here today to celebrate this amazing couple. As most of you know, I’m (Bride’s) little sister, (Name). 

I think we can all agree that (Bride) has a personality like no other. She’s outspoken, feisty, and stubborn – but also the most caring, loyal, and funniest person I’ve ever known. Growing up, we were like two peas in a pod. We were always getting into trouble and causing mischief together – and truthfully, not much has changed! I’ll never forget the time we (insert relevant anecdote), or the time we (insert relevant anecdote). It’s memories like these that make me so thankful to have (Bride) as a sister.

I used to wonder if there would ever be a guy brave enough to handle (Bride). Well, my sister has just tied the knot, and I think she’s found her perfect match in (Partner). (Partner), I couldn’t have chosen anyone better for my big sister. You’re kind, patient, and just the right amount of crazy to fit into our family – as demonstrated by the time you (insert relevant anecdote). Most importantly, you love my sister for who she is – stubbornness and all.

Your commitment to each other inspires me every day, and watching your relationship grow over the years has been so special to witness. I wish you both nothing but the best for the future, and I know you’re going to have some unforgettable adventures together. So, with that, I’d like to invite everyone to raise their glasses for a toast. Here’s to the happy couple!”

Maid of Honor Speech Example for Best Friend:

“Hi everyone. For those who haven’t yet had the chance to meet me, I’m (Name). (Bride) and I have been best friends since college, where we quickly bonded over our shared love for (insert hobbies/interests). 10 years later, and I couldn’t be happier to be standing here today to celebrate the amazing person (Bride) is, and the amazing life she and (Partner) have created together.

There are so many traits that I love about (Bride). First, her wacky sense of humour and ability to find the funny moment in any situation – like the time she (insert relevant anecdote). Secondly, her thoughtfulness and generosity, especially when she (insert relevant anecdote). And finally, her ability to light up any room she walks into. (Bride), you look so beautiful tonight.

Now, onto (Partner). My first impression of (Partner) was that he was incredibly kind, friendly, and humble. All of these things are still true, but as I’ve gotten to know him better, I’ve also seen how hilariously goofy he can be. I’ll never forget when he (insert relevant anecdote). It was then I knew that he was “the one” for my best friend.

(Bride) and (Partner), you complement each other perfectly, and it’s easy to see how crazy you are about each other. I’m so honoured to call you my friends, and I can’t wait to see how you navigate this exciting next chapter together. I’ll leave with you a quote to take with you through marriage: (insert relevant quote). Here’s to (Bride) and (Partner)!”

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Nailing Your Wedding Speech

Finally, don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Once you’ve crafted your maid of honor speech, spend some time rehearsing it before the day until you’re comfortable with your delivery. The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel when the big moment comes!

And while the thought of writing a maid of honor speech can definitely be daunting, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Simply speak authentically from the heart, and you can’t go wrong.

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