How to Write a Wedding Mission Statement (and Why it’s Important)


Remember, your wedding is more than just one day – it’s the beginning of a lifelong journey together. And amongst the absolute whirlwind of wedding planning, it can be easy to lose sight of what this celebration is truly about. Enter: your wedding mission statement!

A wedding mission statement can be an incredibly helpful tool for staying centered throughout the entire wedding planning process. Read on as we unpack exactly how to write a wedding mission statement – and why it should be one of the most important tasks on your to-do list.

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Wait, What’s a Wedding Mission Statement?

Think of your wedding mission statement as a guiding light to help you in your wedding planning journey. Essentially, your wedding mission statement should capture your shared values and priorities for your nuptials in just a few sentences.

Your wedding mission statement will become a compass during the lead-up to your special day, providing you with clear direction and purpose while planning your wedding. Simply put, it’s a way to stay grounded amidst all of your wedding planning tasks while staying focused on what truly matters!

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Why is a Wedding Mission Statement So Important?

Writing a wedding mission statement might just be one of the best things you do while planning your nuptials. Here’s why:

  • It provides clarity. Creating a wedding mission statement forces you and your partner to reflect on the purpose of your marriage. It helps to clarify why you’re getting married in the first place, and what you hope to achieve together. A wedding with a clear vision is more likely to be memorable and authentic to you and your partner.
  • It helps with decision making. Planning a wedding involves countless decisions – from your venue right down to your stationery and cake design. Having a crystal clear mission statement will help you make decisions that align with your shared vision, ensuring a meaningful and cohesive celebration.
  • It fosters communication and connection. Writing a mission statement is a collaborative process that encourages open communication between you and your partner. It’s the perfect chance to discuss your expectations and priorities for the wedding, laying a beautiful foundation for the remainder of your marriage!
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How to Write a Wedding Mission Statement

So, where should you actually begin with writing your wedding mission statement? Here are our top tips for crafting the perfect declaration:

  1. Reflect individually. Before coming together to write a joint mission statement, take some time individually to reflect on your personal values, expectations and hopes for your wedding. Our wedding vision worksheet is a great tool for this!
  2. Identify your shared values. After some self-reflection, sit down together and discuss the shared values that are most important to both of you.
  3. Define your vision. Next, think about the kind of wedding you want to create. How do you want your guests to feel? What do you want the overall ambience to be? What kind of memories do you want to walk away with?
  4. Write your mission statement. Use clear, concise language to write a declaration that captures all of the above in just a few sentences. Keep it simple and straightforward – you don’t need to overcomplicate it.
  5. Revise and refine. Don’t be afraid to edit your mission statement until you’re both happy with the outcome! Taking a collaborative approach will ensure your mission statement is a true reflection of both of you.
  6. Keep it close. It’s a good idea to keep your mission statement somewhere that you can be regularly reminded, like on your bedside table or even your desktop wallpaper! You can also share your mission statement with your wedding vendors and family members to ensure everyone is on the same page.
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Wedding Mission Statement Examples

To guide you with writing your very own wedding mission statement, consider these examples as inspiration:

“We want to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and to provide a backdrop for lifelong memories to be made. The day should be all about celebrating our love to the fullest with our favorite group of people. We want the planning process to be stress-free, and to be truly present in each moment.”

“We want our wedding day to authentically reflect who we are as a couple. Our celebration will be filled with meaningful, personal details that represent our shared values of family, community and sustainability. We want our guests to walk away with a deeper understanding of our relationship, and to create an intimate atmosphere that fosters connection.”

“Our goal is to give our guests a holiday to remember forever. From the first day of festivities to the last dance, we want every moment to be filled with joy, fun and celebration. We want our loved ones to enjoy coming together in a beautiful location, making new friendships, and walking away with really special memories.”

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Simplify The Wedding Planning Process

Now that you’ve perfected your mission statement, it’s time to start planning your wedding! No idea where to begin? Check out our step-by-step guide to planning a wedding from start to finish, or explore our digital wedding planning tools to help simplify the process.