The 9 Best Wedding Planning Apps Every Couple Needs in 2021


Staying organised throughout the wedding planning process is essential, but how do you actually achieve this? 

If you’re a tech-savvy couple, you’ll be pleased to hear there are several apps and online tools dedicated to improving the wedding planning journey. Say goodbye to bulky binders and endless notebooks, and instead be inspired by the 9 best wedding management apps every couple needs in 2021. 

Photo by Juliana Aragon Photography

1. For Document Organisation: Google Drive 

From contracts to mood boards, guest lists and invoices, the wedding admin can seem overwhelming! Google Drive is a file storage app that allows you to easily consolidate all of your documents online in one central place. The app is cloud-based and syncs across all of your devices, so you can access your files anywhere at any time. 

For seamless wedding organisation, we recommend creating a folder for each wedding supplier and storing all of your documentation accordingly. Within the app, you can also use Google Docs and Google Sheets to create things like your guest list, floor plans and budget, with the ability to collaborate with different users.

Photo by Feather & Twine

2. For Sourcing Inspiration: Pinterest

Pinterest remains the original (and best!) way to find inspiration for your wedding. Think of it as a visual search engine for all things wedding-related, from flower arrangements and ceremony backdrops to bridesmaid gowns, wedding vow templates and practical checklists.

Our tip: keep things organized by creating separate “boards” for each wedding category, and then one “master” board to narrow down your favorite ideas into one cohesive vision. These boards can be shared directly with your wedding suppliers too, such as your wedding planner or wedding florist. 

3. For Budget Planning: Pocketbook

Tracking your budget is crucial for a stress-free wedding experience. Pocketbook is a free budget management app that syncs with your bank accounts, allowing you to track all of your income and expenses. When it comes to wedding budget planning, you can use Pocketbook to create a dedicated savings goal, and set spending limits to hold you accountable! 

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4. For Complete Project Management: WedSites

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive wedding project management platform, we’ve got you covered here at WedSites. Our suite of digital planning tools is the ultimate wedding planning companion for modern couples, allowing you to streamline the entire wedding planning process from start to finish. 

Within the platform, you can build your very own wedding website, send paperless invitations, track RSVPs and manage all of your upcoming wedding tasks with an intuitive digital planner. You can even delegate specific tasks to your partner, bridesmaids or wedding planner, and set deadlines to keep you on track.

5. For Venue Research: Venue Report

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be a time-consuming process, which is why we love the ease of Venue Report. This clever online platform allows you to research relevant wedding venues in one central place, with options to filter by location, style, guest capacity, amenities and price. You can also get in touch with each venue directly via the platform to arrange a personal tour. 

Photo by Hannah Haston

6. For Note Taking: Evernote

Evernote is a digital note-taking app that works perfectly for wedding planning. Use this app to log all of your thoughts and ideas whenever inspiration strikes, from floor plan scribbles to ceremony music and shopping lists. You can save your notes in any format, including written text, drawings, photos, videos and PDFs. Super handy for venue visits and vendor meetings!

7. For Photo Sharing: WedUploader

Because let’s be honest, who has time to chase down photos when you’re relaxing on your honeymoon? WedUploader is a photo-sharing app that allows you to easily crowdsource any guest photos taken on the day. Simply share a custom link with your guests, and they can upload images and videos directly into a designated folder. The app is also totally free, with no upload limits.

8. For Group Chats: Messenger

Group chats are an inevitable part of the wedding planning process, and Facebook Messenger is by far the easiest way to manage them! You can create separate chats for your bride tribe, family members or other relevant groups, and use the app to make plans, share inspiration photos, send voice messages, create polls and more.

Photo by Juliana Aragon Photography

9. For Wedding Colours: Palette Cam

Struggling to create a cohesive colour palette? Palette Cam is a beautiful design tool that creates colour palettes from your very own photos. Simply upload your desired inspiration image, and the app will provide exact colour matches and HEX codes. Once your colour palette is complete, you can share it with relevant suppliers like your stationery designer and florist to guarantee a consistent look.

Love these wedding planning tools? Check out our guide on how to project manage the sh*t out of your wedding for more organisation tips and tricks!