The Ultimate Honeymoon Planning Guide


Congratulations! You’ve just tied the knot, and now it’s time to embark on your next adventure – your honeymoon.

While planning your honeymoon may not be quite as daunting as planning your wedding, it still requires some careful organization. From choosing the perfect honeymoon destination to creating your packing list, read on as we share our ultimate honeymoon planning guide for couples below.

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Research Honeymoon Destinations (and Choose Your Favorite)

The world is literally your oyster when it comes to romantic honeymoon destinations – from tropical islands to charming cities and countryside retreats.

With this in mind, there are a few different factors to consider when choosing the perfect honeymoon spot. For example: what kind of climate do you prefer? Do you want a relaxing holiday, or an action-packed vacation? Are you happy to travel long distances, or do you want to holiday somewhere closer to home?

Begin your journey by researching potential honeymoon destinations that align with your preferences. Whether it’s the sparkling waters of the Maldives or the magical streets of Paris, choose a destination that resonates with both of you.

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Determine Your Honeymoon Budget

Before you get too carried away with dreamy destinations, it’s important to figure out a realistic budget for your trip. Make sure you consider all of the expenses needed for your honeymoon, including flights, accommodation, meals, activities, insurance and spending money.

Having a clear budget will help you choose an appropriate location and plan your trip accordingly, without sending you into financial stress right after your nuptials!

Set a Honeymoon Date

Next, you’ll need to select a date for your honeymoon. Again, this will depend on a few different factors, including your personal preferences, work schedule and whether you need extra time to build up your savings.

While some couples love the idea of jetting away on their honeymoon immediately after their wedding, other couples may prefer a few weeks breathing space in-between. You may also need to consider seasonal factors that affect your chosen destination, such as peak tourist times or wet seasons.

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Look Out for Honeymoon Deals

With your budget and date now confirmed, it’s time to start scouting for honeymoon deals! Some travel agencies will offer special honeymoon packages for newlyweds, complete with extra perks like room upgrades, spa treatments or romantic dinners. These packages can make it easier to manage your budget – just be sure you understand exactly what’s included.

You can also set up fare alerts that monitor price drops to find cheaper flights, or use your credit card points to score an upgrade. It doesn’t hurt to drop your honeymoon status when checking in for your flights and accommodation too, just in case!

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Plan the Perfect Honeymoon Itinerary

Creating a detailed honeymoon itinerary will ensure you make the most of your time in paradise. Do some research to find the best local restaurants, activities and tours, and book these in advance to avoid missing out. You may even be able to score early-bird discounts by booking things ahead of time.

Keep Your Travel Plans Organized

To avoid any honeymoon hiccups, it’s crucial to keep your travel plans organized! We’d suggest creating a dedicated folder or digital file that contains all of your essential holiday documents in one place, such as passport details, travel insurance and booking confirmations.

It’s also a good idea to share a copy of this information with a trusted friend or family member, just in case. 

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Create the Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List

A detailed packing list will help you relax and enjoy your trip, without stressing about forgotten items! Depending on your destination, you’ll likely need a mix of comfortable clothing and more formal attire, along with travel essentials like sunscreen, toiletries, medication and phone chargers. 

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Unplug and Connect

Finally, don’t forget to make a conscious effort to unplug and connect with your partner during your honeymoon. While it’s tempting to create a jam-packed schedule and document every moment, it’s also important to be present with each other. With this in mind, consider scheduling some dedicated down time during your honeymoon to prioritize connection.

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