Top 7 Digital Save-The-Dates for Newly Engaged Couples


Digital save-the-dates are becoming increasingly popular with engaged couples. Not only are they an eco-friendly alternative, but they can also help you streamline the communication process with your guests and save money in the process.

Now, if you’ve decided to go digital with your wedding save-the-dates, you’re probably wondering where to begin! There are plenty of paperless invitation platforms out there, each with their own pros and cons to consider.

We’ve done the research for you, and have narrowed down 7 of the best digital save-the-dates for modern couples below. Let’s dive in!

Photo via WedSites

1. WedSites

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, you may want to consider our very own platform here at WedSites! We have an entire suite of paperless stationery to choose from, plus a bunch of digital planning tools like our wedding website builder, guest list database, seating chart creator and more. 

You can easily create and send matching digital save-the-dates and invitations directly through the platform, and even upload your own designs. You can also use your save-the-dates to quickly collect information from your guests before sending out your official invites. The best part? Each one is tracked, so you can quickly see at a glance who’s received, who’s opened and who’s yet to respond.

Pricing-wise, our wedding website builder is free, but you’ll need to make a one-time payment of $99 or $199 to access our entire suite of digital planning tools and paperless stationery. Still, this is a fraction of the cost of printing and sending traditional save-the-date cards and invitations, with a whole host of additional features.

Photo via Paperless Post

2. Paperless Post

Paperless Post is an online platform offering digital invitations for a range of special occasions, including weddings. There are thousands of ready-made templates available for your save-the-dates, including matching digital envelopes for a personal touch.

If you’re looking for a platform that offers an extensive range of designs and price points to fit your budget, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Paperless Post. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to build a matching wedding website, so this could be worth considering if you want to create a cohesive experience for your guests. In terms of pricing, some designs are free, while others need to be purchased using packs of digital “coins”, which can be a little confusing.

Photo via Joy

3. Joy

Joy is probably best known for its popular wedding website builder, but also offers a suite of paperless stationery options, too! You can choose from hundreds of designs in categories ranging from classic to rustic and floral. 

The suite of planning tools at Joy (including their wedding website builder and digital invitations) are completely free to use, which is a definite plus. Unfortunately, you can’t upload your own designs, and customization options are limited – so if you’re looking to create something totally unique, it may not be the right fit for you.

Photo via Greenvelope

4. Greenvelope

Greenvelope offers a handpicked range of elegant paperless stationery for weddings and events. The platform also includes RSVP tracking to streamline the communication process with your guests, and allows you to upload a custom design. 

Eco-conscious couples will love the fact that Greenvelope partners with a host of environmental charities including the National Forest Foundation. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t include a wedding website builder – so if you’re looking for an “all-in-one” solution, this might be a deal-breaker for you. Pricing is also calculated based on the number of guests – so if you’re hosting a large-scale wedding, it may not be the most affordable option.

Photo via Evite

5. Evite

Evite specializes in digital eCards for weddings, events and other occasions. The platform offers a good variety of free and premium options for digital save-the-dates, so you can choose a design that suits your budget. You can even add digital envelopes and stamps to help you replicate the experience of receiving a physical card in the mail!

Evite is very user-friendly and also allows you to customize your eCards with photos, or build your own template through the platform. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer wedding websites or other digital planning tools, so you’ll need to look elsewhere for those features.

Photo via Zola

6. Zola

Zola was originally launched as a wedding registry platform but has now expanded to include wedding websites, planning tools and digital stationery. There are a bunch of digital save-the-date templates to choose from, or you can upload your own design for something more unique.

Once you’re happy with your design, Zola will create a unique link that can be sent to your guests via text, email or social media, allowing them to access your digital eCard. While the templates are beautiful (and free!), some users may find this process a little time-consuming – and unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to track who’s received or opened their save-the-dates. 

Photo via Appy Couple

7. Appy Couple

Appy Couple is a personalized wedding hub that includes a wedding website builder, matching digital stationery and an app for guests to download. There are hundreds of exclusive stationery designs to choose from, and you can easily create a cohesive look across your save-the-dates, invitations and wedding website.

While the platform includes some really handy features such as RSVP tracking, guest list management and photo sharing, it does require all of your guests to download the app, which may not be entirely practical. Pricing-wise, you can pay a one-time fee of $49 per year, or $12 per month.

So, Which Platform Is Right For You?

As you can see, there are plenty of great options for sending digital save-the-dates for your wedding! The right platform will really depend on the specific features you’re looking for, so we’d suggest making a list of “must-haves” to help you find the best fit.

For example: do you want the option to build a matching wedding website and send matching invitations? Is it important for you to have digital tracking features? Would you prefer to use a template, or upload your own custom design? Are you looking for a completely free option, or are you happy to pay a small fee for all of the bells and whistles? 

You can check out our guide to sending digital save-the-dates with WedSites, or learn more about our paperless stationery features here!