17 Wedding Trends on the Rise for 2018

Are you planning a wedding in 2018? If you’re still in the early stages of your wedding planning process, it can be an overwhelming task trying to define your wedding style and vision when you’re lacking inspiration!

Sometimes even hours of scrolling through Pinterest can leave you feeling underwhelmed and seeking something different. Luckily, the wedding industry is constantly providing unique inspiration to draw from, with fresh, creative trends emerging with each new year.

So if you’re currently feeling stuck with inspiration for your day, don’t fret. We’ve done the research for you to uncover exactly which trends are on the rise for 2018!

From styling and decor to gowns and even catering, it’s safe to say we are pretty excited about what’s in store for 2018 brides. Take a peek at our top picks below for our favourite wedding trends to embrace next year for your own big day!

Photography: Kreativ Wedding

Styling & Decor

The overall look and feel of your wedding from an aesthetic point of view will have a huge impact on the ambience of the day! Take a look at what’s trending in 2018 for colour palettes, table settings, and all things styling and decor.

1. Pretty Pastels

Last year we saw plenty of bold, moody colours like burgundy and navy, but next year we’re expecting to see brides embracing a softer colour palette with a focus on pastel tones.

Blush and millennial pink will be a strong feature in many weddings, along with pale lilacs, sage greens and duck-egg blues. We are particularly loving these pastel shades being incorporated in creative ways, such as through linen napkins, coloured glassware and floral arrangements.

2. Gold Accents

From cutlery to candle holders, gold accents are rising in popularity for 2018. Brides are steering away from the previous trend of rose gold, and instead embracing more subtle shades of champagne gold through their styling and decor choices.

Our tip here is not to overwhelm the look – keep your gold details minimal and use them to enhance your styling in a more refined way.

3. Tropical Tablescapes

Tropical elements are going to be a big feature in tablescapes for 2018. Think fresh pineapples, split coconuts, woven charger plates and even palm leaves all making an appearance through creative table settings.

For a more subtle and elegant look, try pairing your tropical elements with gold accents for a luxe and contemporary feel.

4. Naked Tipis

You have probably seen beautiful naked tipi settings doing the rounds on social media and Pinterest, and for good reason. This bohemian look is definitely on the rise for weddings in 2018, with many brides opting to incorporate a naked tipi either as their ceremony backdrop or to create a statement lounging area at their reception.

If you do choose to embrace this trend, we love the idea of dressing your naked tipi with fresh blooms, greenery or even fairy lights to soften the look. Naked tipi’s also work perfectly with textiles and rugs, so don’t be afraid to mix colours and patterns when styling this element.

5. Custom Signage

Wedding styling is definitely becoming more personal in 2018, and custom signs are one way that we are seeing this trend being brought to life!

From giant light-up letters to calligraphy ceremony backdrops, custom signs are the perfect way to inject something more sentimental into your day. Think about it as a unique way to express your love through words that are meaningful to you!

Photography: Taralynn Lawton
Florals: Michelle Lywood

Floral Design

Your floral arrangements will really set the tone for your entire event. In previous years we’ve seen everything from babies breath to native blooms and foliage – but what’s in store when it comes to blooms for 2018?

6. Pampas Grass

For the more bohemian bride, you’ll be pleased to know that pampas grass will continue to grow in popularity for 2018.

This tall, feathery variety of grass is the perfect way to add some unique texture to your wedding styling. We’re seeing pampas grass being used in wedding ceremonies, table arrangements and even bouquets. It’s definitely a bold look, but when done right these wispy stalks can really make a beautiful statement.

7. Orchids

Not only are orchids seen as a symbol of love, this flower style is also on the rise when it comes to wedding bouquets for 2018.

From creamy white orchids to the blush pink varieties, we’re expecting to see some beautiful cascading bouquets next year featuring these pretty blooms. Our top pick – Phalaenopsis Orchids, for a truly elegant and stylish arrangement.

8. Single-Bloom Bouquets

If you’re planning a DIY wedding then you’ll be happy to hear that single-bloom bouquets will be a popular choice for brides in 2018!

Instead of intricate and detailed floral arrangements with a mix of different blooms, we’re actually seeing brides embracing just one flower variety for a more simplistic look.

Bunches of long stem roses, hydrangeas and snapdragons are a few of our favourite flowers to achieve this. This minimal style of bouquet is usually much more cost effective, so if you are working on a tight budget it might definitely be a smart trend to embrace!

9. Flower Walls

For brides wanting to make a statement with their blooms, a flower wall may just be the perfect upcoming trend for you.

We’re predicting some seriously lush flower walls for weddings in 2018, being used for everything from ceremony backdrops to photo booth opportunities. You can get as creative as you like here – ombre blooms, cascading roses, even paper flowers can all work perfectly!

10. Trailing Silk Ribbons

There’s a lot of love that goes into creating your wedding bouquet, so why not highlight this with a gorgeous silk ribbon? We’re hoping to see more brides in 2018 leaning towards long, trailing silk ribbons to complement their bouquets, as opposed to the tightly woven twine or fabric we’ve seen in years go by.

Silk ribbons also look incredible in photographs too. Our tip: choose a colour that ties into one of the blooms in your bouquet, for a look that really flows cohesively.

Photography: Mallory Dawn
Dress: Jillian Fellers

Bridal Style

It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming about your entire life – finding THAT perfect dress! We’re seeing dress designs become more inventive each and every year, and 2018 will be no exception. Here are our predictions for trends on the rise when it comes to bridal style.

11. Two Piece Sets

When it comes to bridal attire, we are seeing a huge trend emerging with two piece sets and separates.

The possibilities are endless here, but we are especially loving lace crops with full bodied skirts, and silk tops paired with blush or grey tulle. It’s a fun, modern look for those brides wanting something a little less traditional!

12. Bell Sleeves

Boho and gypsy brides, this trend is for you! We’re predicting that wedding gowns with bell sleeves are going to be huge in 2018.

We love this look on delicate lace gowns with simple silhouettes. If you choose to embrace this style, we recommend keeping your accessories to a minimum and allowing your dress to truly shine!

13. Pockets

This would have to be one of our favourite upcoming bridal trends for 2018 – gowns with pockets!

A wedding dress with pockets is an effortlessly chic and unique look that is also incredibly comfortable. Not to mention practical – it’s the perfect place to store your lipstick or tissues on the day without having to worry about a clutch.

14. Mismatched Bridesmaid Gowns

Long gone are the days of bridesmaids wearing matching taffeta gowns in pastel pink! Lately, there has been a real trend towards bridesmaids mixing things up and sporting dresses in a variety of different colours and styles, and we’re definitely expecting to see this continue into 2018.

This look also gives your bridal party more flexibility over choosing gowns that suit their individual taste, body shape and budget. A little bit of direction can be helpful to avoid your bridesmaids feeling overwhelmed, so our tip is to choose a colour palette for them to work with to make the decision more straightforward.

Photography: Taylor Lord

Food & Drink

We all know that one of the most important elements of any event is the food! When it comes to wedding menu styles, we’ve come a long way since the traditional “chicken or fish” alternate drop. Here’s what we think brides are going to be embracing for their food and drink in 2018.

15. Family Style Dining

In 2018 we’ll be seeing more brides steering away from formal plated meals, and instead embracing more casual “family style” dining.

Otherwise known as a “feasting style” menu, guests are encouraged to share food amongst themselves, creating a relaxed and communal atmosphere that feels similar to a dinner at home with family. It’s also one of the more cost effective menu styles, so it’s friendly on the hip pocket too.

16. Signature Cocktail

Next year we’re expecting to see more couples putting a personalised twist on their drink selection through offering a signature cocktail!

Whether it has a sentimental memory to you as a couple or is simply your go-to drink of choice, serving a signature cocktail can be a nice personal touch amongst the standard offerings of beer and wine. You can get creative with your service style too – we love the idea of a sweet drinks cart with it’s own custom menu.

17. Gelato Carts

Gelato carts are another creative trend on the rise for 2018 weddings, particularly in summer!

With many gelato cart providers now cropping up all around Australia, it’s the perfect way to keep your guests cool and their sweet tooths satisfied. Gelato carts can even be used as a substitute for the more traditional wedding cake, for couples wanting a truly unique option for dessert.

Photography: Lillywhite Photography
Styling: Seventh Bixel
Planning: Details, Darling

Stay True to Yourself

Can you see now why we’re so excited by what’s in store for 2018 brides? From beautiful colour palettes and table details to gorgeous gowns and creative desserts, there is definitely no shortage of inspiration to get you started with planning your big day!

Defining your wedding style and vision can be overwhelming to begin with, but sometimes all you need are some fresh new ideas. These 17 trends on the rise for 2018 should be the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing!

One final tip: don’t forget to stay true to yourself and your personal tastes along the way. Trends are there to draw inspiration from, but there’s definitely no right or wrong when it comes to the choices you make for your own wedding – so just have fun with it!