Where to Splurge (And Where to Save!) On Your Wedding


Creating your wedding budget is hard enough, but figuring out exactly where to allocate your funds can be just as overwhelming!

From florals to photography, catering and decor, there are so many different elements involved in bringing your special day to life. So when it comes to breaking down your wedding budget, which areas are going to deliver the best bang for your buck?

Keep reading as we share exactly where to splurge (and where to save) on your wedding below.

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Splurge: Wedding Photography

The photos captured on your wedding day will become the memories you look back on for a lifetime! Not only will your wedding photos hold a special place in your heart, they’ll also be passed down to your children, shared with your grandchildren, and treasured by your loved ones long after the big day.

With this in mind, wedding photography is definitely not something you want to scrimp on! While you might pay more for things like custom albums, engagement photos and a second shooter, you can rest assured that all of the important moments will be captured. 

Save: Photo Booth

If you’ve gone over budget on your wedding photographer, you can always consider saving a few dollars on your photo booth. Create a DIY backdrop, collect some fun props, set up a ring light and provide a polaroid camera for your guests to take some happy snaps! Find 10 beautiful DIY styling ideas for your wedding day here.

Splurge: Floral Installations

Yes, dramatic floral installations can be expensive, but they make a huge impact. From hanging flowers to oversized bar arrangements, statement florals will completely transform your venue, release a beautiful fragrance, leave a lasting impression on your guests and ensure your wedding reception photos look amazing!

Save: Table Flowers

Splurging on a few statement florals means you can cut back on your flower budget in other areas. With dramatic installations hanging above your reception tables, you can scrap the table flowers and opt for affordable alternatives like candles, tealights or simple greenery garlands instead. Don’t forget you can also repurpose your ceremony flowers too, rather than doubling up on costs. For example: move your ceremony arbour flowers to your bridal table, or use your bouquets to decorate your gift table and bar tables.

Splurge: Videography

Did you know not hiring a videographer is one of the biggest regrets of recently married couples? A personalised wedding video will likely become your most cherished keepsake from the day.

Splurging on videography means you can capture those beautiful moments like reading your vows, sharing your first dance, and the speeches from your loved ones. Your wedding day will go by in an absolute whirlwind, but having a wedding video means you can relive all of these special memories over and over again.

Save: Guest Favours

If you need to tighten up the purse strings, scrapping your guest favours is an easy way to free up a couple of hundred bucks. Rather than gifting your guests something they’ll probably stash in their kitchen drawers, we’d suggest putting this money into a bar tab they can enjoy on the night, instead!

Splurge: Wedding Coordinator

Hiring a wedding coordinator is often seen as a luxury, but trust us – they are worth their weight in gold. Splurging on a wedding coordinator is an investment in your time, sanity and stress levels leading up to your big day. 

Having a professional on hand to manage the logistics of your wedding allows you to actually relax and enjoy every moment of this milestone occasion. This means you can spend more time making memories with your loved ones, and you can’t put a price on that! Read our advice on finding the right wedding planner here.

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Save: Wedding Invitations

RSVP cards, envelopes, postage  – the costs involved in traditional wedding invitations can quickly add up. If you’re looking to cut back on your wedding stationery, why not go digital instead? Not only are online invitations an affordable alternative, they’re also friendlier on the environment. Tip: link your online invitations to a custom wedding website to make the RSVP process super simple for your guests. 

Splurge: Food

Food is a big component of any event, but even more so when it comes to a wedding. Your guests probably won’t remember your fancy centrepieces or napkin colours, but they’ll definitely remember if they enjoyed a great meal (or, if they were left hungry!). 

It’s worth investing in an experienced caterer to deliver a delicious dining experience for your guests – whether that’s a hearty feasting menu, lavish 3-course meal or something more unique like a pizza truck or dumpling bar! 

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Save: Drinks

If your wedding venue offers a BYO option, there are some serious savings to be found. Keep a close eye on specials at your local liquor store, and stock up on booze leading up to your wedding. Many liquor stores allow you to return unopened bottles after the day, so be sure to check out their refund policy, too.

If your venue doesn’t offer BYO beverages, there are still a few ways to cut costs on drinks. While cash bars can be seen as an etiquette faux pas, you can always choose to provide a simple selection of wine and beer, and offer liquor and cocktails on a cash basis. Another cost-saving tip is to close the bar 45 minutes before the end of the night, or stick to table service only during dinner. Read our guide on wedding food and drink etiquette here!

Splurge: Music

Music has such a big impact on the overall vibe of your day. The right selection of tunes can be the difference between a packed dance floor and an awkwardly empty one! It’s definitely worth investing in an experienced DJ or live band to ensure you create a memorable atmosphere at your reception.

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Save: Bridal Party Attire

From gowns to hair, makeup and accessories, bridal party costs have the potential to take a huge chunk out of your wedding budget. Instead of forking out on expensive bridesmaid gowns, simply choose a colour (or colour palette) and have your girls choose their own dress to suit their price point. 

Accessories like jewellery and bridal robes can also be used as a gifting opportunity, rather than being a separate expense. And when it comes to the guys, you can always consider hiring their suits rather than purchasing them brand new. Read our top 6 ways to help your bridesmaids save money here!

Making Every Dollar Count

There’s no getting around the fact that weddings are expensive, but saving money in some areas means you can splurge on the details that matter most. Looking for more wedding budget tips? Check out our wedding budget breakdown guide for smart couples right here!