10 Beautiful Wedding Website Examples to Inspire You

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Looking for wedding website inspiration? You’re in the right place! Here at WedSites, we love seeing couples customise our website templates to set the tone for their special day.

From stunning colour palettes to custom illustrations and groovy playlists, there are so many great ways to make your wedding website feel personal, practical and unique.

Keep scrolling as we share 10 beautiful wedding website examples to be inspired by, and our top tips to keep in mind when creating your own!

1. Megan and Zach

Template used: Denver

Why we love it: Megan and Zach have done a fantastic job at using images to personalise their wedding website. The first thing you see is a beautiful, high-quality header image that fills the screen – and as you keep scrolling, you can see they’ve tied the look together using a custom background image, too. We love the organic colour palette of soft greys, greens and browns that flow throughout their website.

Megan and Zach have also taken great care to communicate venue directions and accommodation suggestions to their loved ones. They’ve even created a clever custom map on Google with checkpoints of their favourite places to help guests build the perfect weekend itinerary!

2. Jessica and Alexander

Template used: Melbourne

Why we love it: Jessica and Alexander have used a range of bespoke design elements to create an incredible wedding hub for their guests. Nearly every element of their wedding website has been personalised to suit their vision – from the custom menu logo, header and footer image to the custom illustrations and calligraphy headings. The end result is a completely unique wedding website that immediately sets the tone for their upcoming celebration.

Along with their custom design, Jessica and Alexander have also nailed the communication side of things, too. From travel and accommodation info to bridal party introductions, they’ve covered all bases to prepare their guests.

3. Michael and Kalia

Template used: Melbourne

Why we love it: If you’re planning your wedding during COVID-19, be inspired by Michael and Kalia’s wedding website! Amidst changing rules and restrictions, these two decided to host a “minimony” with close friends and family, followed by an after-party at a later date. We think you’ll agree they’ve done an expert job at communicating this with their guests.

Along with including all of the relevant wedding details, Michael and Kalia have also used a beautifully warm colour palette with personalised elements including a custom header image, custom header logo and custom RSVP menu button. Our favourite part? The duo have included a link to their favourite tunes to put guests in the mood for their celebrations. What a way to set the vibe!

4. Kate and Trevor

Template used: Denver

Why we love it: Kate and Trevor put a personal stamp on their wedding website by using a custom header logo and custom header background. We also love the custom illustrations that have been used to display the schedule of events – so sweet!

For out-of-town guests, Kate and Trevor have done an amazing job showcasing the city of Richmond, complete with beautiful imagery and accommodation suggestions for their loved ones.

5. Freya and Tom

Template used: Denver


Why we love it: If you’re looking for something sweet and simple, you’ll love the vibe of Freya and Tom’s custom wedding website. Using a minimal blush and black colour palette, these two have incorporated a custom menu logo and custom header paired with beautiful brush lettering.

Freya and Tom have also nailed the layout of their wedding website – breaking down all of the essential info for their guests by using separate pages for their venue details, wishing well and schedule for the day.

6. Jaime and Meli

Template used: Hampton

Why we love it: Jaime and Meli’s wedding website is a perfect example of using custom design elements to create something special! These two have included a custom header image, custom logo and custom background, along with stunning illustrations to display their wedding day timeline.

We also love the detail that has gone into sharing their proposal story, and the fact that they’ve created a comprehensive FAQs page (in English and Spanish) to address questions around dress code, registry details, kids and plus-ones.

7. Allie and Gavin

Template used: Denver

Why we love it: If you want to match your physical invitations with your wedding website, take a leaf out of Allie and Gavin’s book. These two have used a custom emblem designed by their calligrapher, The Blackline Bottega, as a way to create a cohesive experience for their guests.

We love that their wedding website is clean, modern, minimal and super easy to navigate. They’ve used separate pages to share their timeline, venue details and dress code, along with some helpful notes around COVID-19 safety for their guests.

8. Mirielle and Robert

Template used: Dauphin

Why we love it: How beautiful are those floral illustrations?! Mirielle and Robert have used image sections to upload their own custom illustrations throughout their website, making it truly one-of-a-kind. They’ve also done an incredible job telling their love story – sharing photos from their first meeting back in 2006, right through to their engagement.

We love the cheeky bridal party introductions, and the fact that the RSVP button is front and center, making it super easy for guests to respond. Mirielle and Robert have also included an interactive “Questions” page for their loved ones to sing out with any queries.

9. Leah and Matt

Template used: Melbourne

Why we love it: That colour palette! Leah and Matt have created a striking wedding website using bold olive green and gold to set the tone for their special day. These two have also incorporated stunning imagery throughout their website, along with helpful notes about their dress code, venue details and accommodation info. We also love that they’ve included images of their bridal party as a way to personalise their website even further.

10. Colleen and Andrew

Template used: Denver

Why we love it: Colleen and Andrews wedding website is another great example of simple, minimal design done well. These two have chosen a clean white background with black text, and high-quality images to add a splash of colour.

We love that they’ve personalised their wedding website by including the story of how they met and their proposal. And for guests travelling out of town, Colleen and Andrew have included some super helpful details surrounding childcare, transport and a list of local activities they recommend.

What Makes a Great Wedding Website?

As you can see in the wedding website examples above, there are so many ways to create a memorable visual experience for you and your loved ones. Here are our top tips to keep in mind when designing your wedding website:

  • Make it personal. Add a personal touch to your wedding website by including custom details like illustrations, images from your relationship, or the story of how you met. If you’re using traditional wedding invitations, why not work with your calligrapher to create a custom motif that can be used across all design elements? Our range of wedding website templates here at WedSites can all be customised to reflect your vision.
  • Keep it practical. Help your guests prepare for your wedding by including as much information as possible. Think: venue directions, dress code, registry links and FAQs. Read our guide on what to include on your wedding website here!
  • Make it easy to RSVP. If you’ve opted for online RSVPs, make sure your RSVP button is immediately visible to your guests. The easier it is to RSVP, the quicker you’ll get those responses back!
  • Set the tone for your celebration. Give your guests a glimpse of what to expect on the day by sharing a schedule of events, introducing your bridal party, or even putting together a playlist of your favourite tunes to get the good vibes flowing!

Let’s Start Building Your Wedding Website!

Not sure where to begin with creating your very own wedding website? We’ve rounded up our top 9 wedding website builders here to help you find the perfect platform for your needs.

You can also get started by building your wedding website right here at WedSites. Check out our range of customisable templates, or create a free account to get started!