20 Creative Proposal Ideas That Will Definitely Get You a “Yes”!


Thinking about popping the question to your forever person? We know that planning the perfect “Will you marry me?” moment can be more than a little daunting, so we’re here to help.

From sweet and simple ideas to extravagant alternatives, there are countless ways to propose to your special someone. Read on as we share 20 of our favorite creative proposal ideas (that will get you a yes!) below.

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1. Build a Personalized Scavenger Hunt

Turn your proposal into an unforgettable adventure by organizing a personalized scavenger hunt. Create a set of clues that lead your partner to meaningful locations in your relationship (such as your first date, first kiss or favorite brunch spot), then have the final clue lead them to you! 

2. Create a Relationship Time Capsule

Sit down with your partner to create a time capsule together, filled with special keepsakes and nostalgic items from your relationship – think concert tickets, birthday cards and love notes.

Once you’ve finished reminiscing, tell your partner there’s one final thing you’d like to add, then take the opportunity to pop the question! Take a Polaroid photo to capture the moment before burying your time capsule, ready to be unearthed at a later date.

3. Surprise Them With a Fortune Cookie

For a super cute proposal idea, order customized fortune cookies and have one with your proposal message placed inside. Enjoy a home-cooked meal together before presenting the cookies for dessert. Then, simply wait for your partner to open the proposal cookie and be surprised with your message! 

4. Recreate Your First Date

Take a trip down memory lane by recreating your very first date at the place where it all began. Share some heartfelt thoughts about your relationship journey so far, before proposing and making new memories in the same special spot.

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5. Plan a Secret Photo Shoot

Why not hire a professional photographer to capture the exact moment you propose? Plan a casual outing, like a picnic or a stroll in the park – then when the time is right, pop the question. The genuine surprise and emotions captured in the photos will be priceless!

After popping the question, you can then have your photographer shoot some engagement photos that you can use to announce the big news to your loved ones.

6. Plan a Home Movie Night

For a low-key (but super thoughtful) proposal idea, plan a romantic movie night at home with a twist. Instead of the movie your partner is expecting, put together a video featuring your favorite moments together, before ending with your proposal. 

7. Create a Message in a Bottle

This one is for the old school romantics! Write a heartfelt letter and place it inside a sealed bottle, then hide it in the sand at a nearby beach. Take your partner for a romantic beach stroll before “discovering” the bottle, opening it together and surprising them with your proposal.

8. Design a Customized Escape Room

Looking for a non-traditional proposal idea? If you both love games and puzzles, an escape room might just be the perfect place to pop the question.

To pull this off, approach a local escape room to see if they can personalize the experience by including puzzles and riddles that reference your relationship. Then, have the final clue lead to your proposal!

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9. Use a Custom “Marry Me” Mug

Keep it simple by serving your partner’s morning coffee or tea in a customized “Marry Me” mug. After sipping their drink, they’ll find your proposal message waiting at the bottom! 

10. Capture the Moment in a Photo Booth

Plan a fun day out at your local arcade, then suggest taking some goofy pictures together in a photo booth. In the last set of pictures, hold up a sign asking your partner to marry you (and capture their genuine reaction on film!).

11. Propose at a Concert

If you both share a favorite band or artist, consider proposing at one of their concerts. You may even be able to reach out to the event organizers to arrange a special moment on stage or during your favorite song.

12. Include Your Pet

Have a furry friend? Why not include them in your proposal plan! Attach the ring to their collar or have them bring over a note with your proposal message. 

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13. Create a Spotify Playlist

For an affordable yet romantic proposal idea, make a playlist of songs that hold a special meaning to your relationship, then play it for your partner during a cozy night at home. At the end of the playlist, include a surprise track where you ask them to marry you! 

14. Surprise Them On The Ferris Wheel

Visit an amusement park with a ferris wheel and suggest going for a ride. As you reach the top, let the view set the stage for your proposal! For bonus points, arrange for your closest friends and family members to be waiting at the bottom, ready to celebrate the happy news. 

15. Design a Custom Crossword Puzzle

For the puzzle lovers, consider designing a custom crossword with clues related to your relationship. Then, surprise them with the final question: “Will you marry me?”. 

16. Paint and Sip Together

Sign up for a paint and sip class together, with a secret twist! While you and your partner get creative, paint your proposal message on your canvas. Then, when you reveal your masterpieces, they’ll discover your heartfelt question.

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17. Create a DIY Scrapbook

If you’re the sentimental type, surprise your partner with a scrapbook that documents your journey as a couple. At the end of the scrapbook, have the ring waiting in an envelope ready for you to pop the question.

18. Coordinate a Flash Mob

If an extravagant proposal is more your style, a flash mob could be the answer! Coordinate some willing friends and family members and choreograph a dance routine before performing it in a public place. After your partner has enjoyed the spectacle, get down on one knee to pop the question.

19. Serenade Them With a Song

If you’re musically talented, consider proposing through some beautiful lyrics. Write a heartfelt song that expresses your love for your partner and serenade them in an intimate setting, before asking them to marry you at the end. 

20. Pop the Question With a Pizza Box

Looking for a subtle (yet sweet) proposal idea? Order a pizza for a relaxed night at home – but when it arrives, sneak into the kitchen to write your proposal on the inside of the lid. When your partner opens the box expecting pizza, they’ll find another surprise waiting for them!

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