5 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations


Your wedding invitations are more than just an announcement – they’re the first glimpse your guests will receive into your special day! So, how can you personalize your invitations to set the right tone for your celebration?

If you’re looking for non-traditional wedding invitation ideas, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites. From custom artwork to fun RSVP responses, check out these 5 unique ways to personalize your wedding invitations below.

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Use Custom Illustrations

Instead of opting for a generic stationery design, why not collaborate with an artist and elevate your wedding invitations with custom illustrations? Think: personalized motifs, a watercolor portrait, or even an illustration of your wedding venue. 

Not only will custom artwork make your invitations feel more unique, they’ll also become a beautiful keepsake to cherish for years to come. You can also use your custom illustrations throughout different elements of your event, such as your wedding website and ceremony programs.

Read our guide on customizing your wedding website with digital illustrations here!

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Match Your Invitations to Your Wedding Website

Speaking of wedding websites, consider using digital invitations that match your website design for a cohesive experience. Here at WedSites, our range of wedding website templates includes a matching set of paperless stationery, creating a consistent visual journey for your guests from the moment they receive your save the dates.

The best part? Your guests can RSVP quickly online at the click of a button, while their details will be securely stored in your digital guest list manager. Digital invitations are also a great way to reduce paper waste, making your wedding more sustainable.

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Add Humor with Fun RSVP Responses

While most couples will use a standard RSVP format, why not inject some humor into your wedding invitations by customizing your response options to reflect your personality? For example, instead of a simple “Accepts” or “Declines”, consider playful options like “Heck yes!” or “Damn, can’t make it…but we have a good excuse!” if that suits the tone of your event.

Not only does this add a sprinkle of personality to your wedding invitations, it also makes the RSVP process more engaging for your guests (and may even encourage them to reply faster!). Check out some more wedding RSVP wording ideas here for inspiration.

Incorporate Your Engagement Photos

Make the most out of your engagement photos by repurposing them through your wedding invitations. Whether you incorporate them as a photo collage or use a hero photo as your central image, your engagement photos will undoubtedly add a personal touch to your stationery – giving your guests a sweet glimpse into your love story.

Photo via Kristen Marie Parker

Make it Interactive with a QR Code

Finally, why not embrace the digital age by making your wedding invitations interactive? Consider including a QR code that links to a personalized video message, a virtual tour of your venue, or takes them straight to your wedding website for all of the need-to-know wedding details.

If you love the idea of traditional invitations but also want to embrace the benefits of a wedding website, this can be a great way to bridge the gap between them!

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Go Paperless with WedSites

We’ve made it easy to personalize your wedding invitations with our range of paperless stationery here at WedSites. Choose from our range of modern templates to match your wedding website, and watch those RSVPs roll in!

Learn more about our digital wedding stationery here, or sign up for your WedSites account to get started.