How to Customise Your Wedding Website With Digital Illustrations


Wedding websites are one of the best ways to communicate with guests during the lead-up to your special day. But along with being a practical source of information, your wedding website should reflect your personality and style, too!

One of our favourite ways to add a personal touch to your wedding website design is by using digital illustrations. From calligraphy headings to hand-drawn maps, incorporating digital illustrations is a super simple (but incredibly effective) way to make your wedding website feel extra special.

Keen to learn more? Read on as we explain exactly how to customise your wedding website with digital illustrations below.

WedSites – Mireille and Robert

Why Use Digital Illustrations?

Digital illustrations are an easy way to create a totally unique wedding website without having to build it from scratch. You can still enjoy the benefits of using a ready-made website template (including online RSVPs and guest list management), but use digital illustrations to create a more personalised, bespoke design.

Digital illustrations can also be used to create a more cohesive experience for your guests, especially if you’re using a mix of paper and digital stationery. From save the dates to wedding invitations and thank you cards, custom illustrations can tie all of your stationery elements together beautifully!

WedSites – Jessica and Alexander

What Can Digital Illustrations Be Used For?

So, how exactly can digital illustrations be incorporated throughout your wedding website? Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Display your schedule of events. Let your guests know what to expect on the day by creating custom illustrations for your wedding day schedule. You could include a beautiful hand-drawn arbour to represent your ceremony, a pair of champagne glasses for cocktail hour, and a disco ball for your reception! 
  • Design a custom motif. We love the idea of intertwining your names with a custom motif or emblem. This motif can then be used across all of your stationery elements, or even incorporated as signage on the day.
  • Create a beautiful header image. Set the tone for your wedding website with a statement header image – for example, a detailed floral illustration or a sketch of you and your partner.
  • Shine a spotlight on your location. Planning a destination wedding? Showcase your location by including illustrations of your venue, iconic monuments or even a hand-drawn map to help guests find their way around the area.
WedSites – Kate and Trevor

How to Create Digital Illustrations

Okay, so what’s the best way to create digital illustrations that can be used across your wedding website?

The easiest option would be working with a calligrapher, graphic designer or stationery artist. They’ll be able to listen to your vision, come up with design concepts and execute the final result. If you’re already working with a stationery artist for your wedding invitations, we’d highly recommend getting them on board to create matching digital illustrations for your wedding website, too. Our friends at The Blackline Bottega explain exactly how this works here!

WedSites – Allie and Gavin

Of course, if you come from a creative background and feel confident in your design skills, you can create your own digital illustrations using software like Adobe Illustrator or Procreate. 

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Building Your Wedding Website With Digital Illustrations

Here at WedSites, our range of wedding website templates are totally customisable – making it super easy to incorporate original artwork and digital illustrations throughout your design.

Here’s how to build your wedding website using digital illustrations:

  • Once your digital illustrations have been uploaded, you can use our handy “image blocks” to insert them into their desired position! Don’t forget you can customise your wedding website template with fonts, colours, images and videos, too.

To see how this works in real-time, check out this Instagram reel from Bryce from Meraki by BK who shares how she created a custom map and illustrations for her wedding website!

Wedding Website Examples

Want to see some digital illustrations in action? Check out 10 beautiful wedding website examples here, including our top tips to keep in mind when creating your own!