6 Troubleshooting Tips to Ensure Your Virtual Wedding Goes Off Without a Hitch


It’s no secret that wedding planning can be a stressful journey. But when technology is involved, it can add a whole new layer of anxiety!

If you’re currently planning a virtual wedding, there are a few potential hiccups you’ll want to forecast (and resolve) before the day. From communicating the right information with your guests to checking audio, lighting and live stream links, read on for 6 troubleshooting tips to ensure your virtual wedding goes off without a hitch.

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Confirm RSVPs

Just because your event is taking place online, that doesn’t make your RSVPs any less important! Remember, some live streaming platforms limit the number of attendees, so you’ll definitely want to confirm your guest numbers in advance to avoid locking anyone out.

Digital invitations are a great option for virtual weddings, allowing your guests to RSVP with just the click of a button. If your ceremony is taking place both in-person and online, simply tweak your RSVP responses to provide the relevant options. For example: “Yes, we will be there with bells on!” or “We can’t make it in-person, but count us in for the live stream!”. Read these 8 useful tips for hosting the best virtual wedding here.

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Communicate the Essential Info

To help your virtual wedding run smoothly, it’s crucial to give your guests all of the essential details so they can plan accordingly. For an online celebration, these details should include:

  • The date, time and relevant time zone
  • The live stream link
  • The live stream password
  • The RSVP date and method
  • The link to your wedding website

When it comes to sharing your live stream details, we’d suggest spelling out the instructions as clearly as possible – keeping in mind you’ll have guests of all ages (and technical abilities!) joining you. You can make things even easier by embedding your live stream directly on your wedding website, so guests know exactly where to go. Read our guide on exactly what you need to include on your wedding website for a virtual wedding here.

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Answer Your Live Stream FAQs

Go one step further by including a dedicated FAQs page on your wedding website to address the finer details of your virtual event. You can include more specific questions here, such as:

  • Do I need to create an account/download an app to access the live stream?
  • Should I switch my screen and microphone on?
  • Will comments be enabled? 
  • How can I interact during the live stream?
  • Who can I contact with tech issues on the day?
  • Will the live stream recording be available to replay?

Addressing these questions upfront will hopefully help you avoid any technical hiccups on the day!

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Do a Practice Run

To avoid any last-minute surprises, it’s a great idea to do a “practice run” of your virtual wedding before the real thing. Set up your camera, follow the live stream link, and take note of any issues you encounter. For example:

  • Live stream link and password: Can you log in and access the live stream okay? 
  • Camera position: Have you positioned your camera to give your virtual guests the best view possible? Remember, you want the camera to be close enough that guests can see the emotion on your face, but wide enough that they can see your attire and bridal party.
  • Internet connection: Is the internet connection at your venue sufficient?
  • Audio quality: Does your camera or phone pick up the audio clearly? If not, consider using an external microphone. 
  • Lighting: Is the natural light at your venue enough, or will you need another lighting solution such as a ring light? Read everything you need to know about live streaming your wedding here!

Delegate The Job

For a stress-free virtual wedding, you should also consider allocating a trusted (and tech-savvy!) person to take control of the live stream on the day. This person will need to be responsible for positioning the camera, opening the live stream, and being the contact person for any guests who may be having technical difficulties. Your venue manager or wedding coordinator may be able to take charge here!

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Get Your Celebrant on Board

If your ceremony is being hosted both in-person and online, ask your celebrant to address the live stream at the beginning of your ceremony. Your celebrant can welcome your virtual guests (and make them feel special!) while also pointing out exactly where the camera is located so your loved ones are aware.

Virtual Weddings Made Simple

Planning a virtual wedding may come with its fair share of potential hiccups, but these 6 troubleshooting tips will ensure your digital event runs as smoothly as possible.

Ps – we’ve made virtual weddings super simple here at WedSites, and support all of your favourite live streaming platforms. You can create a custom wedding website, send digital invitations and share all of the essential details with guests before the day. Learn more about our virtual wedding features here!