Founder Interview: Jemima Nobis of CloudHerd Film Co.


Photos on your wedding day are an absolutely must-have for any couple, but there’s just something magical about capturing your special day on film.

From the expressions on your faces, to the little details you may have not even noticed, hiring a good videographer will allow you to relive your wedding day years later.

We’re excited to interview Jemima, one-half of the husband and wife duo of CloudHerd Film Co, to ask her all about her inspiration for starting the business and tips for couples thinking of hiring a videographer!

Who is CloudHerd Film Co?

Hi, we’re Jem and Taku! Back in 2015, we decided to take our passion for telling stories and making films that were beautiful yet unexpected to the next level and we started CloudHerd in our home, the Blue Mountains.

Our goal was (and still is!) to create bespoke, stunning wedding videos that capture everything that makes a couple and their big day special. We now have a small team of equally passionate, creative and general all-round legends who love making videos as much as we do.

What inspired you to start your business?

Besides the fact that we love making films, we wanted to break the mould of the 9-5 job and find a way to be equal partners in all areas of our life. After our daughter was born, we soon realised that we wanted a flexible lifestyle where we could both be present.

We are both pretty obsessed with nailing our best selves, self-evolution, and exploration, and CloudHerd gave us the challenge to push all of these! We have always wanted to find a way to live and be that is exceptional rather than expected.

What are three words to describe your videography style?

Unexpected and adventurous with some ninja moves for good measure.

What do you love most about your job?

The list is pretty long (!!) but one of the absolute highlights would have to be the feeling when someone watches the film you made with/for them for the time. It honestly gives us goosebumps being able to preserve and bring back all the emotions and memories from what will be one of the most important days of peoples’ lives!

What are the most important things a couple should consider when booking a wedding videographer?

The number one thing to consider is obvious – do you love their work? We really recommend taking the time to look through as much of your potential vendors’ portfolios as possible and make notes of the ones you love. If you do end up booking the vendor (which, if it’s us, we most certainly hope you do!) this is super helpful to get a sense of what styles make you tick.

One of the things we most pride ourselves on is the fact that no two of our films are the same. Whoever your guys are as a couple and whatever your personal taste is, that is what we will capture and amplify, so the story we create will be uniquely yours.

So once the work gets a big tick from you, the next thing to consider is whether you love their vibe. Contact a couple of the vendors whose work you like best and see who you gel with. Even over email, you can get a pretty good idea of whether you want that person involved in your wedding! You want to feel comfortable and confident that they “get you”.

Do you have a favourite location for shooting a wedding?

The best location is always the one that speaks to the couple. It’s got nothing to do with what the location itself looks like, but everything to do with what emotions it brings.

Yes, sunset at a lookout can be pretty amazing, but what’s even better is getting people in their element, at places that hold significance for whatever reason. This could be a cafe where you guys always go together, a beach in your hometown, at your house – wherever!

What does the process look like when a couple hires you?

A lot of listening! One of our big things is making films that are unique to every couple, not cookie-cutter wedding films, and to do this, we need to know you! We’re pretty lucky in that we have a super organised Studio Manager, Annabel, who is all over this stuff and is sending emails and questionnaires left, right and centre to make sure we’ve got all the inside scoop.

What advice can you give couples who are planning their weddings?

Book CloudHerd as your videographers! 😉 But really, the biggest pieces of advice we have are:

Talk to your vendors – that’s what they’re there for! Vendors have been to more weddings than anyone else and we are more than happy to give advice/suggestions. Don’t be afraid to pick your vendor’s brains and take some of the guesswork out of your planning.

Make an epic run sheet! It’s honestly a lifesaver. Allow double as much time as you think you will need for everything and then relax! There is nothing more stressful than feeling rushed or that people don’t know what’s going on. Put it in a run sheet, send it to everyone, delegate, put it away and focus on having fun!

Looking for a videographer with some serious ninja moves? Get in touch with CloudHerd Film Co!