Founder Interview: Tonia Blume of Blumette


Tonia Blume is the brains behind Blumette (what a clever name!), a floral event studio with a beautiful store front in central Balmain.

We’re excited to interview Tonia to ask her all about her inspiration for starting her floristry business and important things couples should consider when hiring a wedding floral designer!

What inspired you to start your business?

I was working at the high end of the industry in a business that felt like a family, we were incredibly busy with corporate contracts, weddings, private clients and retail. I got to a point where I wanted to slow things down and concentrate on what I most enjoyed about my job. Working in a small business you get to see that it’s also possible for you to start a business – it was a very inspiring space.

I love the personal aspect of wedding floristry. To me weddings are about setting beautiful and loving intentions, they’re a very meaningful, joyous thing to be part of and its a privilege to work with my favourite medium in that space.

Who are you and what do you do on your weekends?

I’m Tonia Blume, outside of being a florist I also love nature. You can find me out walking on bush trails, running in nature, snorkelling in a bay or having a picnic with friends.

What are three words to describe the Blumette couple?

Relaxed, independent (not afraid to carve their own path, set their own trends), creative (some of my favourite weddings have utilised props created by the couple who have designed something they envisaged but couldn’t find in existence).

What’s the most important thing a couple should consider when hiring a wedding floral stylist?

You want to know that your style and your florist’s style align so that you can confidently place your trust in us. Your florist’s best work is done when we have a creative license (based on a shared understanding of what you want) and when we can shop for what’s best in season.

What are some new trends that you’re loving? (Or noticing)

COVID-19 wedding trends like drive-through weddings! Love is a powerful force and it has strong momentum. This strange period in history is reshaping how we celebrate. Many people are choosing to not put their wedding on hold but to postpone the big group celebration.

This pandemic is having a definite impact on future wedding trends, we just have to wait for next wedding season to see the full effect.

In the meantime, I’m having fun following hashtags like #loveisnotcancelled #coronawedding #loveinthetimeofcovid to see how people are marking their wedding days.

What does the process look like when a couple books with you?

Often people get in touch after seeing some of my work, either by walking past the studio, attending a wedding we decorated or finding us online.

To begin I usually send out a price guide to give them an idea of costs. From there we meet in person or online and tailor a quote. We create a visual guide of images that convey the look for their celebration, this is either done by us or together with the couple (hello shared Pinterest boards!) – this is paramount as it guides us when buying for the job and creating the floral components for the day.

What’s the best advice you can give couples who are planning their weddings?

Communicate communicate communicate! Weddings can be a big investment and its important to take the time to explore your options together and understand what is most important to one another.

Get in touch with Tonia to bring your wedding day blooms to life!