How to Create the Perfect Wedding Day Playlist


Creating the perfect wedding day playlist is a labor of love that requires careful thought and consideration! From tear-jerking ceremony songs to a dance-worthy reception playlist, your wedding music will play a pivotal role in your memories from the day.

So, how exactly can you use your song selections to set the right mood and enhance the experience for you and your guests? Read on as we share our tips for creating the ultimate wedding day playlist below.

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Getting Ready Music

The morning of your wedding is usually filled with equal parts nerves and excitement! The champagne has been popped, you’re surrounded by your bride tribe and the anticipation has well and truly set in.

With this in mind, the perfect pre-wedding playlist should include a mix of fun and upbeat songs together with some more chilled tunes to keep you calm (think Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles). Steer clear of anything overly sentimental that may get the tears flowing – especially after you get your makeup done!

Check out our Getting Ready Songs Playlist on Spotify here.

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Ceremony Music

Your ceremony song selections will undoubtedly be the most symbolic of the entire day. You’ll want to choose music that sets the right tone for your nuptials, while also reflecting your relationship, stirring up emotion and being just the right length and tempo. No pressure or anything!

There are a few different elements of your ceremony that will require music. These include:

Prelude: This is the period of time before your ceremony officially begins, when guests are arriving and taking their seat. Most guests will arrive between 15-30 minutes prior to your service, so you’ll need to choose a few songs to fill this time slot. Light, ambient music tends to work best for this portion of the day.

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Processional: The wedding processional is when the different members of your wedding party make their way down the aisle. Depending on the size of your wedding party, you may need to select 1-2 songs for this portion of your ceremony. Some of the most popular wedding processional songs are classical pieces such as Canon in D by Pachelbel, or Wagner’s Bridal Chorus.

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Recessional: As you walk back down the aisle at the conclusion of your ceremony, choose a joyful and uplifting piece of music that sets the tone for the rest of your festivities! It’s also a good idea to choose 2-3 additional songs that can be played as the rest of your guests exit the ceremony.

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First Dance Songs

Another important song selection for your wedding will be the piece of music for your first dance. This super special moment deserves an equally special song that you’ll cherish in your memories from the day.

We’d suggest choosing a song that holds a special meaning to you both – whether it’s the song you played during your first date, or lyrics that resonate strongly with your relationship. Go old-school romantic with something like “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, or opt for a modern ballad like “All Of Me” by John Legend.

Check out our First Dance playlist on Spotify here.

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Dance Floor Music

It’s time to get the party started! Whether you’ve hired a live band, DJ or are simply hooking your phone up to a speaker, your reception playlist should cater to your entire guest list – ensuring everyone has a chance to hit the dance floor. 

We’d suggest incorporating a mix of different genres and eras to keep the vibes high and the dance floor full. From nostalgic classics and guilty pleasure songs to contemporary party tracks, finding the right balance will be critical. 

Our tip? Crowdsource ideas from your guests! If you’re using online RSVPs, create a custom questionnaire that asks your loved ones for their favorite dance floor song. Once you’ve collected the data, you can pass this on to your wedding band or DJ to create a crowd-pleasing playlist. 

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Other Special Moments

In addition to these main events, there are a few other significant moments throughout the day that deserve their own music piece. From cake cutting to your bouquet toss, simply choose a tune that matches the mood you want to create for each moment.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Check out our range of wedding playlists on Spotify to help you select the perfect songs for your special day!