How to Make a Seating Chart Plan For Your Wedding (Including Seating Chart Ideas For Different Budgets)


Creating a seating chart can be one of the more difficult parts of planning a wedding! Not only do you need to come up with a suitable floor plan, but you also need to figure out how to display your seating arrangements on the day.

Whether you want to DIY your seating chart or splurge on something special, there are plenty of options for a creative seating chart display. Keep reading as we share some beautiful seating chart ideas for all kinds of budgets, along with our tips on creating a practical floor plan for your event.

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How to Create a Seating Chart Plan For Your Wedding

Before deciding on your seating chart display, you’ll first need to assign a seat for each guest! This is often easier said than done – especially if you’re navigating issues like divorced parents or estranged family members.

To streamline the process, check out our tips for creating a stress-free seating plan:

  • Use a digital seating chart tool. Our drag-and-drop seating chart tool here at WedSites makes it super simple to design the perfect floor plan online. By going digital, you can easily chop and change your floor plan until you find an arrangement you’re happy with – no post-it notes required.
  • Assign VIP guests first. Traditionally, the best seats in the house should go to your most important guests, which is typically your parents, grandparents, and other immediate family members. We’d suggest seating these guests first, then planning the rest of your seating chart around them.
  • Group guests into relevant categories. It can be helpful to organize your guest list into different “groups” such as immediate family, extended family, school friends, mutual friends, and colleagues. This will make it easy to assign seats where groups of guests already know each other.

    Ps – you can do this with our digital guest list manager!
  • Scrap the singles table. This can make your solo guests feel more than a little awkward! Instead, disperse your solo guests throughout the room by seating them with people of similar ages or interests. 
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Choose Your Seating Chart Display

Now that your floor plan has been locked in, you’ll need to come up with a creative way to display this to your guests. Typically, your seating chart will be displayed at the entrance to your wedding reception, so guests can find their seats on their way in. 

From simple paper signage to escort cards and custom backdrops, there are several different options for displaying your wedding seating chart. Take a look at some of our favorite seating chart ideas to suit all kinds of budgets below.

Create a DIY Seating Chart with Canva

Planning a wedding on a budget? You can easily design and print your own seating chart using a free online platform like Canva. Choose from one of the many pre-made templates, or start from scratch and create something totally unique. 

When you’re happy with the final design, you can simply download your file and send it to your local printer to finish the job for you. This is also where you can choose different paper options and decide on a matte or gloss finish.

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Purchase a Seating Chart Template From Etsy

Etsy is a creative online marketplace with a bunch of beautiful seating chart templates at a variety of different price points. Some templates will be available as digital files that you need to edit and print yourself, while other marketplace sellers can do the editing and printing for you. 

Whether you want something simple and minimal or more intricate and detailed, there are hundreds of different options available to suit your style and budget.

Repurpose Everyday Objects

Another affordable option for a DIY wedding seating chart is simply to repurpose everyday objects! By using a white paint pen (and some neat handwriting), you can create a beautiful seating chart display for a very small cost.

Some ideas could include:

  • A set of vintage window panes
  • A large mirror
  • A wooden board
  • A collection of glass vases
  • A cluster of terracotta pots

Just to name a few!

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Create an Escort Card Display

Instead of assigning a specific seat for each guest, you can simply assign them to a table and allow them to choose their own seat when they arrive. In this case, rather than displaying a formal seating chart, you can use escort cards to direct your guests.

There are so many ways to get creative with your escort card display! You can keep it traditional with folded paper cards, or go for something more unique like luggage tags, personalized plant pots or vintage keys. These can also double as beautiful guest favors for your guests to keep forever.

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Hire a Professional

If you really want to splurge on something special, consider hiring a professional stationery artist or signage designer to design a custom seating chart. They’ll be able to tailor something to suit your style and vision – whether that’s a modern perspex structure, an oversized greenery wall, or a colorful backdrop with neon signage. The options are endless!

Ready to create your seating chart? Learn more about our drag-and-drop digital seating chart tool here, or check out our ultimate guide to creating your wedding seating chart. You can also find more seating chart inspiration over on our Pinterest board!