How to Manage Your Guest List With WedSites

Wedding websites aren’t just pretty to look at – they can also be one of the best ways to relieve guest list stress throughout the wedding planning journey!

Our platform here at WedSites not only allows you to create a beautiful online wedding hub, but also helps you organise your guest list, store information, track RSVPs and send updates before the big day.

Want to learn more? Read on as we explain exactly how a wedding website can help you manage your guest list like a pro.

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Create and Organise Your Guest List 

Creating your wedding guest list can be a serious headache! Whether you’re sticking to a tight budget or navigating awkward family dramas, deciding who should make the cut is no easy feat.

Our WedSites guest list manager is the perfect way to draft and finalise your guest numbers. Start by putting down all the names of guests you would love to invite – then, if you need to cut your numbers, consider creating “A” and “B” lists or implementing some cutting rules. 

Struggling to trim those numbers? We’d recommend coming up with a rough wedding budget and having a think about your vision and priorities for the day. Do you want an intimate wedding, or something more extravagant? Will your budget accommodate 50 guests, or can it stretch to 100? Will your parents be having a say? You can find our ultimate guide to creating your wedding guest list here!

Once your guest list is complete, you can group your guests into different categories (such as work friends, school friends and extended family) including households and plus-ones. These groups will become super helpful later down the track when creating your wedding seating chart.

If you’ve already created your guest list using a spreadsheet, that’s fine! Simply import it directly into our guest list manager. You can also export your guest list at any time (for example, when you need to send final headcounts to your wedding suppliers).

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Collect Guest Information

Now that your guest list is finalised, you’ll want to collect the necessary contact details from your loved ones. To do this, simply send your guests a link to our custom form to quickly gather their email address, phone number and household address. This information will be securely stored in your guest list database, ready for sending your save the dates and wedding invitations.

Easily Manage RSVPs

If you thought creating your guest list was hard – just wait until you have to manage their RSVPs! In all seriousness, dealing with late RSVPs and chasing down your guests can be a real nuisance, which is why we recommend opting for digital RSVPs to simplify the process.

By using online RSVPs linked to your wedding website, your loved ones can easily reply to their invitation in the click of a button, and their responses will be automatically updated in your digital database. This means you can quickly see at a glance who is attending, who has declined, and who still needs to respond. The best part? You can set automated reminders to follow up with those last-minute stragglers on your behalf!

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Ask Questions and Store Information

Along with collecting RSVP responses, our guest list manager can also help you gather the essential wedding day details from your guests. For example: meal selections, song requests, or whether they need a seat on the bus. 

Again, these answers will be automatically updated in your guest list database, so you can easily share the relevant details with your wedding vendors. Send dietary preferences straight to your caterer, bus numbers to your transport company, and song requests to your DJ! Check out the best RSVP questions to ask your guests here.

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Communicate Your Wedding Day Details

It’s almost guaranteed that your loved ones will have questions leading up to your big day. By making your wedding website as detailed as possible, you’ll be able to save yourself the hassle of fielding a million different messages! 

To do this, we recommend creating a helpful FAQs page that addresses common queries such as your wedding dress code, gift registry, schedule of events, and even tricky topics like kids and plus-ones. Not only will this save you a bunch of time, it can also help you avoid some awkward conversations. You can read our guide on what to include in your wedding website FAQs here.

Send Updates and Announcements

Even the most organised wedding plans can be thrown some last-minute curveballs! Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected wet weather plan, venue change or postponement, having a wedding website means you can easily send group updates at the click of a button. No phone calls required!

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Your Wedding Guest List, Simplified

Manage your guest list with ease using our wedding website builder here at WedSites. You can create your own digital database, effortlessly track RSVPs and streamline communication with your loved ones. 

You can browse our beautiful range of templates here, or sign up for your free account to start building your dream website today!