The Best Wedding Registry Websites for Cash Gifts, Honeymoon Contributions and Products You Actually Want

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Move over, traditional registries! In today’s digital age, there’s a whole new world of gift registry options to explore for your special day.

From cash gifts to honeymoon funds and products you actually want, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the best gift registry websites for modern couples below, along with our tips on sharing your registry details with your guests.



When you consider the costs involved in planning a wedding, sometimes the only gift you really want is cash – especially if you have a honeymoon on the horizon!

Enter: Hitchd, an online honeymoon registry that allows you to receive cash contributions and gifted experiences from your guests. From flights to accommodation and guided tours, your loved ones can contribute directly to your honeymoon in just the click of a button.

Simply create your Hitchd registry online and curate a selection of honeymoon experiences you’d like to be gifted. You can then share your registry with your guests using your unique URL, allowing them to gift you monetary donations safely and securely.

Here at WedSites, we’ve partnered with Hitchd to give you an exclusive 30% off their one-time fee using the code “WEDSITES”. Start building your registry with Hitchd here!



Honeyfund is another wedding gift registry that allows you to receive cash donations online. You can register for monetary contributions for absolutely anything – from your honeymoon fund to a house deposit or even charity donations.

With no transaction or set-up fees, Honeyfund is a great way to collect cash gifts from your loved ones without needing a physical wishing well. Simple, affordable and user-friendly, think of it as a crowd-funding site for your wedding!



Looking for a universal gift registry? MyRegistry allows you to create and sync multiple store registries into one beautiful gift list. 

You can easily add items from all of your favourite stores, manage your registry online using your smartphone, and send thank you notes from within the platform. MyRegistry can also be used for cash gift funds and experiences, too – the options are endless!


Amazon Wedding Registry

For a wide selection of items, why not create your wedding gift registry with Amazon? From homewares and kitchenware to linen and bedding, there are hundreds of products to choose from at a range of different price points.

As a bonus, you and your guests can enjoy fast free shipping through the platform, easy returns within 180 days, and a 20% completion discount for any items left on your registry.



Okay, so we’re not technically a gift registry – but, your wedding website is the best place to share your registry details with your guests!

Did you know including your gift registry link on your wedding invitations is seen as a major etiquette faux pas? Instead, it’s best practice to share all of the relevant details on your wedding website, making it easy for your guests to browse everything online in one place.

When it comes to sharing your gift registry online, you’ll want to keep your wording short and sweet (and avoid putting any expectations on your guests!).

You might want to say something like:

Please know that your presence on our wedding day is the greatest gift we could ask for! However, for friends and family who have expressed an interest, we have created a gift registry for your convenience here: (link)

Here at WedSites, you can build a beautiful wedding website in just a few simple steps

Gift Registry Etiquette

Remember, gifts from your wedding guests are a bonus, and certainly shouldn’t be expected. With this in mind, your loved ones will likely still want to give you something special for your big day! 

Whether you’re opting for monetary donations or physical gifts, having a gift registry link will make it easy for your loved ones to choose something you actually want or need.

Looking for more gift registry tips? Find our wedding gift registry wording examples here, or check out our ultimate wedding registry checklist for modern couples!