12 Essential FAQs to Answer on Your Wedding Website


Your FAQs page is one of the most valuable sections of your wedding website, allowing you to alleviate any confusion your guests may have before the big day. Not only does this help your loved ones prepare for your event – it also saves you countless hours having to answer the same questions over and over again! 

From transport and logistics to tricky questions like kids and plus ones, think of your FAQs page as the ultimate information hub for your wedding. Read on as we share 12 essential FAQs to include on your wedding website to help your guests enjoy a seamless, stress-free celebration.

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1. What is the Date, Time, and Location of the Wedding?

Use your FAQs page to reiterate the basic details of your wedding, including the date, time, and location of both your ceremony and reception. Make sure you include the exact address of each venue, and consider sharing more specific directions or an interactive Google map if the locations are hard to find!

2. Is There a Dress Code?

Help your guests dress appropriately for your wedding by specifying the dress code on your FAQ page, whether it’s black tie, cocktail attire, or something more casual. Make sure you include any extra details that may help your guests dress more comfortably, such as avoiding stilettos for an outdoor wedding or bringing a jacket if it’s expected to get cold in the evening.

3. Can I Bring a Plus-One?

Your FAQs page is a great place to address the dreaded plus-one question, without the awkwardness! If you’re unable to offer plus-ones, simply make it clear through your wording that your venue or budget won’t allow for additional guests. Read our etiquette guide on who needs a plus-one (and who doesn’t!) here.

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4. How (and When) Do I RSVP?

Provide crystal clear instructions on how guests can RSVP to your wedding, whether it’s through your wedding website, a designated email address, or a traditional RSVP card. Make sure you include the RSVP deadline and any additional information guests need to provide, such as meal preferences and dietary requirements. Or, simplify the process even further by using an online RSVP form with custom questions.

5. Is There a Gift Registry?

Inform guests about your gift registry (if applicable) and provide any relevant links or instructions on how they can access it. Alternatively, if you’ve decided to have a wishing well at your reception in lieu of a traditional registry, you can use your FAQs page to let your guests know. Find our gift registry ideas and wording guide here!

6. What Accommodations Are Available for Out-of-Town Guests?

For guests traveling from out of town, make sure you provide helpful accommodation suggestions, including nearby hotels, resorts or Airbnb options. If you’ve booked a hotel room block for your guests, make sure you include any relevant booking details here, too.

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7. Are Kids Welcome?

You can also use your FAQs page to address the topic of children at your wedding by specifying whether or not you’re inviting them. If kids are welcome, take the opportunity to provide some information about any childcare services or activities available during the event. If children aren’t invited, use a short and sweet message to let guests know you’ll be hosting an adult-only celebration. 

8. Is There Parking Available at the Venue?

Address the parking situation at your wedding venue by providing information about available parking options for guests. Be sure to specify whether there is on-site parking, nearby parking lots or street parking, and include any parking fees or restrictions guests should be aware of.

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9. Will There Be a Shuttle Bus?

If you’re providing transportation for your guests – whether it’s from a hotel to the venue or between different locations throughout the day – make sure to include the shuttle bus details on your FAQs page. Include information about the shuttle bus schedule, pick-up and drop-off locations, and how guests can reserve their seats.

10. What is the Wedding Day Itinerary?

Give guests a glimpse into the flow of your wedding day by sharing a schedule of events on your FAQs page. While you don’t need to be super specific, it can be helpful to provide a brief timeline of what they can expect on the day, including your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and curfew time.

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11. What Should We Do During Our Stay?

If you’re hosting a destination wedding, it’s also a good idea to share some local recommendations in your FAQs page to help your guests plan the perfect itinerary! Provide some information about local attractions, activities, restaurants, and experiences to ensure your loved ones make the most out of their trip.

12. Will There Be Any Pre or Post-Wedding Events?

Finally, if you’re planning any extra wedding-related events such as a welcome dinner or recovery brunch, be sure to share these details (including dates, times and locations) on your FAQs page, too. Just one caveat: you should only share these details on your wedding website if all guests are invited! If you’re only inviting a selection of guests, we recommend using our online RSVP questionnaire to invite them, instead.

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