10 of the Best Ways to Personalise Your Wedding

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Want to put a personal stamp on your wedding day? From photo walls to custom menus and handwritten notes, there are endless ways to create a wedding that feels totally unique to you and your partner!

If you’re looking for some creative ideas to bring your dream wedding to life, check out 10 of our favourite ways to personalise your wedding below.

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Choose a Meaningful Venue

Your venue will play a big role on your wedding day, so why not choose a meaningful venue that reflects your relationship?

Think about some of the venues and locations that may be significant to you and your partner. For example: the city where you first met, the restaurant where you had your first date, the destination of your favourite holiday or a much-loved family property.

Your guests will love the personal nod to your relationship, and it will make your memories from the day even more special.

Ask a Loved One to Officiate Your Ceremony

Asking a friend or family member to officiate your ceremony is a beautiful way to personalise your wedding. There’s a bit of preparation involved (they’ll need to get ordained, have the correct paperwork in order and tick a few legal boxes), but the payoff will definitely be worth it!

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Create a Wedding Website

Creating a custom wedding website is another simple way to put a personal stamp on your wedding experience.

Go beyond the basics by sharing your love story, introducing your bridal party and answering some common FAQs for the day. Our wedding website builder here at WedSites allows you to customise fonts and colours, upload images and videos, add extra pages and much more. 

Why not include the link to your favourite playlist or feature a gallery of your engagement shoot photos? Your guests will love the extra detail, and you’ll have a beautiful memento to look back on after the day.

Design Your Own Wedding Invitations

Make your wedding invitations feel extra meaningful by designing them yourself! Not only will this give you full creative freedom, but it can also help you save some extra dollars. 

There are plenty of invitation templates to be found on platforms like Canva – or, if you’re a design pro, you can build them from scratch. Read our guide on how to design and send your own wedding invitations here!

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Create a Unique Wedding Hashtag

Encourage your guests to post their happy snaps by creating a unique hashtag for your wedding! Your loved ones can use this hashtag when posting images on social media, so you can easily revisit them after the day. 

Need some hashtag inspiration? Check out our tips for creating a unique hashtag for your wedding here.

Incorporate Your Favourite Photos

Take a trip down memory lane by incorporating your favourite photos into your wedding. You can set up an epic photo display at your wedding reception, or use them as table numbers and escort cards. We also love the idea of setting up a family photo table to acknowledge any loved ones who are no longer with you.

Design a Custom Menu

Your menu is a great opportunity to make your wedding feel truly personal! Whether you’re renowned for your epic cheese boards, taco nights or homemade pasta, work with your caterer to design a custom menu that reflects your relationship. You can even personalise your drinks menu by serving signature cocktails with unique names inspired by you and your partner.

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Greet Your Guests With Welcome Bags

Planning a destination wedding? Create some personalised welcome bags filled with goodies to greet your guests! You can include a mix of holiday essentials (such as a map, itinerary, water bottle and mints) along with custom gifts (like monogrammed sunglasses or a jar of local treats).

Include Your Pets

Your pets are a huge part of your life, so including them on your wedding day just makes sense! Having your furry friends by your side while you walk down the aisle will not only make your ceremony feel fun and personal, but also provide some memorable wedding photos.

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Leave Handwritten Notes

Finally, why not leave some handwritten notes for your loved ones at your wedding reception? You can write a shared letter for each table (which will double as a great ice breaker), or individual notes for each guest. Simply thank them for being there, share a favourite memory or highlight what you love about them. 

Don’t forget to write a personal note for your fiancé to open on your wedding morning, too. Nothing beats a handwritten letter straight from the heart!

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