The Best Websites for Online Wedding Invitations


So, you’ve decided to go digital with your wedding invitations. The next step? Finding the right website to create, send and manage your online invites!

There are several different platforms dedicated to paperless wedding invitations, each with unique features, templates and price points. It’s worth taking some time to research all of your options to ensure you choose the right platform to meet your needs.

No idea where to begin? Keep reading as we explore 4 of the best websites to send your online wedding invitations, and some of the key reasons why you should consider going paperless for your big day.


1. WedSites

We couldn’t kick off this list without including our very own digital platform here at WedSites! We’ve made it super simple to create and send online wedding invitations, effortlessly track RSVPs, manage your guest details and build your wedding website all in one place.

With a range of beautiful templates available, you can choose a digital stationery suite that matches your wedding website – or, upload your own custom eCard if you have something more personal in mind! When it comes to guest list organisation, you can group your guests into categories, see your RSVP responses at a glance, and even set automated reminders for those last-minute stragglers.

The best part? We’ve committed to planting a tree for every wedding planned on our platform, so you can feel good about making a difference!


2. Paperless Post

Paperless Post is a platform dedicated to online invitations, cards and flyers for a range of special occasions – from weddings to birthday parties, baby showers and more. You can choose from thousands of ready-made invitation templates and matching digital envelopes, with a good mix of designs and price points to suit your budget. The platform also includes a range of “designer collections” featuring collaborations from brands like Anthropologie, Kate Spade and Vera Wang.

The downside is there isn’t an option to build a matching wedding website. Some users may also find the pricing structure to be a little confusing, with premium designs needing to be purchased using packs of digital “coins”.  


3. Evite

Similar to Paperless Post, Evite specialises in online invitations and eCards for any celebration, including weddings, save the dates and bridal shower invitations. The platform is easy to navigate, affordably priced, and includes digital envelopes and stamps for a personal touch. You can customise your Evite with photos, or build your own template from scratch through the platform.

Although there is a good variety of both free and premium options to suit your budget, some users may find the range of invitation designs to be more limited than other websites.


4. Canva

Of course, you can always go old school by emailing your online invitations directly to your guests! Platforms like Canva make it easy to design online invites, with plenty of modern templates that you can personalise using different fonts, colour palettes and illustrations. Once your invitation design is complete, you can simply download the file and send it out to your guest list via email or text.

While this option may appeal to creative types who want complete freedom with designing their invitations, the major downside is the extra time involved. With no option for RSVP tracking or managing details like dietary preferences and meal selections, you’ll need to come up with your own system for organising these details.

As an alternative, you can always design your own invite in Canva and upload this to a platform like WedSites to get the added benefits of a wedding website, RSVP tracking and guest list management all in one place.

Reasons You Should Send Paperless Wedding Invitations

In today’s modern world, more and more couples are opting for digital invites rather than traditional stationery suites. But why have paperless invitations become so popular?

We might be biased, but we think going digital with your wedding invitations is a no-brainer. From saving the planet to cutting down on costs, here are a handful of reasons to consider paperless invitations for your special day:

1. They’re eco-friendly.

Traditional invitations typically involve several different paper elements, from the invitation itself to the RSVP card, envelope and information sheets. If you’re trying to minimise the environmental impact of your day, opting for digital invitations is an easy way to go green. Check out more ideas for planning an eco-friendly wedding here!

2. They’re more affordable.

Statistics show that the average couple spends anywhere from $750 to $1000+ on paper invitations. While traditional invitations are certainly beautiful, they can also take a huge chunk out of your wedding budget – especially if you’re trying to cut down on costs. Opting for online invitations will cost you a fraction of this price, and allows you to invest those dollars elsewhere. Read our guide on where to splurge and where to save on your wedding here.

3. Easily manage RSVPs.

Say goodbye to chasing down late RSVPs or wondering if your invitations got lost in the mail! Online invitations allow you to easily track and manage responses from your guests. Better yet, some platforms (such as WedSites) offer automated reminders, giving you one less task to worry about.

4. Link to your wedding website.

Instead of cramming extra details on a clunky information card, simply link your digital invites to a custom wedding website. This is where you can include all of the essential wedding information such as venue directions, gift registry links and dress codes, along with addressing tricky topics like plus ones and kids. For a cohesive look, choose a stationery suite that matches your wedding website.

5. Include fun questions.

Online invitations also allow you to get more creative with your RSVP questions. With guests RSVPing online, you can create a custom form with questions such as dance floor requests, marriage advice, or even a poll to decide on your signature cocktail for the day.

6. Reflect your wedding vision.

Use your digital invitations to express your personality and set the tone for your event. Planning a luxury wedding? Choose an elegant template with regal gold details and formal wording. Hosting a tropical celebration? Go for vibrant colours, modern fonts and palm leaf prints.

7. Send group updates and reminders.

Change of plans? No problems. With an online guest list database, you can easily send group updates and reminders without having to contact your loved ones individually. Our couples have found this especially helpful when planning a wedding during COVID-19.


How to Send Digital Wedding Invitations

Creating, sending and tracking your online wedding invitations is super simple (yes, even if you’re not a tech wizard!). The process will vary from platform to platform, but here at WedSites, you can send digital invitations in just a few easy steps:

First, you’ll need to gather the relevant contact details from your guests. We have a special form you can send your loved ones to quickly collect their address, email and phone number. This is also super helpful for sending thank you cards after the day!

Next, you can import your guest list into our database. Once uploaded, you can categorise your guests into different groups (such as “colleagues”, “close friends” or “extended family”). Singles with plus ones, couples and families can be grouped into their own household, allowing them to RSVP together.

Now it’s time to choose and personalise one of our beautiful paperless invitation templates. Match your save the dates and invitations with your wedding website for a cohesive guest experience. You can customise your digital invitations with your desired wording, fonts and design elements, or upload your own eCard if preferred.

Next, create your custom RSVP form to gather your guests’s responses, meal selections and dietary preferences. Guests can respond online via your wedding website in just the click of a button.

Now hit the send button, sit back, relax and watch those RSVPs roll in! Don’t forget you can set automated reminders to give guests a gentle nudge, and send group updates for any last-minute changes.

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