Callie and Aaron’s Wedding at Fiddlers Grove


We are absolutely thrilled to share the heartwarming story of Callie and Aaron’s beautiful wedding day at Fiddlers Grove in Lebanon, Tennessee. This enchanting venue holds a special place in their hearts, as it’s been a nostalgic location for Callie throughout her life, with cherished memories of the annual Wilson County Fair.

Fiddlers Grove is not only where they tied the knot, but also where they had their very first date. Talk about a meaningful backdrop for their love story! From unexpected weather to a captivating wildflower theme, Callie and Aaron’s wedding was a true celebration of family, community, and love. So, let’s dive into the details and capture the essence of their unforgettable day.

Where did you get married?

Fiddlers Grove in Lebanon, Tennessee

Why did you choose to get married at Fiddlers Grove?

Fiddlers Grove has been a nostalgic and special place for me all of my life; so many fond memories there at the annual Wilson County Fair!

Funny enough, it is also where Aaron and I had our first date 🙂

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Wow, it’s hard to choose the “most memorable part” of the day, but I’d say the overall tone of the day was incredibly special. We felt sooo much support and love from our family and community. From the flowers and set up, to the food, wedding coordinating, etc. etc. our family and friends rallied around us to make our dreams possible. The amount of support I experienced was humbling and such a gift.

Our wedding day felt like a big family reunion with celebration all around. We prayed that it would be 65 degrees and sunny, BUT we got 40 degrees and sunny at our outdoor venue 🙂 However, our people STILL came all bundled up and ready to celebrate! One of the distinct memories I have is looking around to see the faces of those that had been in both of our lives through many seasons and helped me get to where we are today.

Callie, paint us a picture. What was the theme, style, colors, and overall vibe of your wedding day?

Our wedding theme was “Wildflowers” 🙂

I didn’t have a maid of honor but wanted to honor each of my girls the same, as each are incredibly unique and special to me. I chose a different color for each of my bridesmaids, each color symbolized their special place in my life. They were each a “wildflower” in my bouquet 🙂 Aaron also chose corresponding colors for his guys. They each had a different tie color, paired with hunter green overalls 🙂
The dress and tie colors were also reflected in my literal floral bouquet (Their colors were pink, berry, cornflower blue, lilac and peachy orange).

One of my very best friends passed away last year; her favorite flower was sunflowers, and her color would have been yellow, so we made sure to include sunflowers in our bouquets and decor as a way to honor her and her place in our lives.

The overall look was a mix of boho, whimsical, and rustic, but our “tone” was “family.” We wanted our wedding to feel so intentional in every way and we wanted each of our guests to feel honored, as they have each been an integral part of our journeys.

What was your favorite part of planning your wedding?

My favorite part of planning, was seeing God orchestrate details for us in sooo many ways; we have been incredibly humbled by it.

Something truly special to me was how involved Aaron desired to be in planning. I’ve heard from countless brides that they felt really alone in the planning process. My desire was for our wedding to be equally about the both of us and to feel like both of us. So to have both of us calling the shots and making decisions together was a really special part of the process.

I also LOVED going flower shopping with my mom and creating the bouquets with some of my friends!

What was the best investment you made for your wedding?

1) Photography!!!
2) Having a friend be the day-of-coordinator
3) Having another friend be my personal assistant day-of

All of these were game changers for me, personally 🙂

Is there anything you would have done differently?

I can’t think of anything I would have done differently (also knowing that our capacity could only think of/handle so much in our 3 month engagement time!)

What was your favorite part of using WedSites for your wedding?

We loved having the website. We heard a lot of great feedback from friends enjoying reading our story that was available there!

We also really relied on the virtual guest list and email options! Those were suuuper beneficial!

Wedding planning is notoriously stressful. Now that you’ve gone through the process, do you have any advice or words of wisdom for couples who are currently in the midst of planning theirs?

Callie and Aaron’s custom designed wedding website

Something Aaron and I did early on was determine what the primary priorities were (what really mattered to us to INCLUDE in the wedding/ reception) and what we were willing to spend the most money on.

We also set money aside for each of those expenses so that the money didn’t get spent accidentally 🙂

So, I suggest doing that, as well as DELEGATING as much as possible! Early on, we also established various roles for certain people, as well as the needs and expectations for each role. Having done that, it allowed us to be free of those details and more present.

The amazing team of vendors involved with this wedding

Venue, Rentals and Lighting: Fiddlers Grove Historic Village
Photographer: Tay and McKay Photography
Photographer: Emily Anne Photography
Officiant: Harvest Sound Church
Caterer: Baja Burrito
Dessert: Pops Coffee Shop / Donut Time
Dessert: Donut Time (Lebanon)
Entertainment: D.SeanBeats
Florist: White Blooms Floral
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Kelcie Kamer
Wedding Dress: Lavender Park Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Amazon
Guys Attire: Amazon
Jeweler: EnjoyLuv
Wedding Planner: Lauren Keene
Dress Alterations: Alter My Heart
Wedding Website: WedSites