Your Most Common Wedding Website Questions Answered


Wedding websites are still a relatively new concept – so if you’re recently engaged, you may have a few questions about how they work. 

For example: how much does it cost to build a wedding website? What do you need to include? And when should you send the link out to your guests?

From timelines to privacy and personalisation, read on as we answer your most common wedding website questions below!

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What Is a Wedding Website?

A wedding website is essentially an online hub where you can share all of the important details about your wedding with guests. Typically, this includes details such as your wedding date, location, dress code, transportation and other FAQs.

Some wedding websites also include built-in planning tools such as online RSVP tracking and digital guest list management.

Do We Really Need a Wedding Website?

Creating a wedding website isn’t necessary – but it will definitely make your wedding planning journey easier!

A wedding website allows you to streamline communication with your guests by providing all of the information they need to know about your wedding in one central place. Not only will this help them plan and prepare for the day, it also saves you from having to answer the same questions over and over again.

Wedding websites can be particularly helpful for couples with a large guest list, or those planning a destination wedding. Instead of trying to cram all of your wedding details on a traditional insert card, you can simply direct your guests to your wedding website where all of their queries will be answered. Read 8 great reasons to have a wedding website here!

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When Should We Create Our Wedding Website?

Your wedding website link should be included on your wedding invitations, so you’ll want to give yourself a couple of months to finalize your website before it needs to be sent out. You can start creating your wedding website as early as you like, and simply add extra details as your plans come together.

How Much Does a Wedding Website Cost?

This will depend on which platform you use to create your wedding website, and the specific features you’re looking for.

Some platforms are completely free to use, but may be lacking functionality like RSVP tracking or the ability to customize fonts, colors and themes. Other platforms may have a small fee, but include planning tools and other features to give you the best bang for your buck.

For example, here at WedSites we have a tiered pricing system to suit your needs. You can build, design and publish your wedding website for free, or pay a one-time fee to access additional features such as online RSVPs and other digital wedding planning tools. We compared the top 9 wedding website builders here for your convenience!

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What Do We Need to Include on Our Wedding Website?

Great question! Ultimately, you want to make sure your wedding website is as useful as possible for your guests. With this in mind, you’ll want to include the following details as a starting point:

  • Your names
  • Wedding date, time and location
  • RSVP date and method
  • Transportation/parking information
  • Schedule of events
  • FAQs
  • Dress code
  • Gift registry details

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you may also want to include some extra details for your guests, such as:

  • Hotel block details or accommodation suggestions
  • Travel tips (such as weather, things to see and do)
  • Wedding weekend itinerary

Find our guide on exactly what to include on your wedding website here!

Is Our Wedding Website Private?

Again, this depends on what platform you use and the different features they offer. Here at WedSites, you have the option to set a unique code or password for your wedding website, ensuring it can be accessed by your guests only. Any details your guests provide via their online RSVP form will also be securely stored in your digital database.

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Can We Personalize Our Wedding Website?

Yes! The best wedding websites are the ones that reflect your relationship and vision for the day. 

There are so many fun ways to add a personal touch to your wedding website. You can:

  • Share your love story
  • Introduce your bridal party
  • Customize your website colors, fonts and design details
  • Upload digital artwork and illustrations
  • Include a link to your favorite playlist
  • Share your engagement photos

Just to name a few! Check out some of our favorite ways to personalize your wedding website here.

We’re Using Paper Invitations, Can We Still Use a Wedding Website?

Absolutely! You can enjoy the best of both worlds by sending traditional paper invitations with a link to your wedding website for more details and to RSVP.

Can We Make Our Wedding Website Multilingual?

We know how important it is to make all of your wedding guests feel welcome. Here at WedSites, you can create a multilingual wedding website and assign a preferred language for each guest, allowing them to experience your website in their native language. 

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Can We Track RSVPs Via Our Wedding Website?

Yes! One of the best reasons to use a wedding website is to easily collect and track RSVPs online. With WedSites, you can create a customized RSVP form, allowing you to confirm your guest’s attendance while also gathering information about dietary requirements, meal selections and plus ones.

How Do We Share Our Wedding Website With Guests?

Once your wedding website is published, you’ll need to share the link with your guests. The easiest way to do this is via your wedding invitations. Simply include the link (and password) at the bottom of your invitations, and direct your guests there for more details. Check out our guide to sharing your wedding website with your guests here.

Ready to get started? You can build your dream wedding website for free with WedSites. Explore our range of modern wedding website templates, or sign up for your free account right here.