5 Practical Reasons to Send Digital Save-the-Dates For Your Wedding


When it comes to sending save-the-dates for your wedding, posting cards in the mail is no longer the only option! Electronic save-the-dates can be a fantastic alternative for modern couples looking to streamline communication for their special day.

From saving money (and the planet!) to setting the tone for your celebration, keep reading for 5 practical reasons to send digital save-the-dates for your wedding below.

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Save Money On Stationery

If you’re working on a tight budget, digital save-the-dates are hands-down the most affordable option. By sending your save-the-dates electronically, you’ll be able to save money on paper, printing and postage costs (and if you have a large guest list, this can quickly add up!).

Depending on which platform you use, digital save-the-dates can be sent online for free or a small fraction of the cost. You can trim your budget even further by using digital stationery for your formal wedding invitations, too. We’ve rounded up the top 7 digital save-the-dates for newly engaged couples here.

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Reduce Unnecessary Paper Waste

Digital save-the-dates aren’t just friendlier on your wallet – they can also help you reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding. Taking your wedding stationery online means less paper waste, making it a better option for the environment. Check out our top tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding here!

Save Time

Sending traditional save-the-dates usually involves addressing and stamping multiple envelopes, inserting each card individually and planning a trip to the post office. Taking the digital route removes all of this hassle, saving you time and streamlining the entire process! You can send your save-the-dates virtually in the click of a button, and even track when your loved ones have received and viewed their e-card.

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Easily Collect Addresses From Guests

If you’re planning on sending paper invitations in the future, digital save-the-dates are an easy way to collect bulk mailing addresses without having to contact each guest individually.

Here at WedSites, you can create a custom form to collect addresses from your entire guest list, including their postal address and phone number. The link to this form can be included on your digital save-the-dates, making it super simple to gather information from your loved ones. Responses will be securely stored in your digital guest list database, so you’ll always have the details you need on hand.

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Plenty of Customization Options

Many platforms offer a range of customization options for your digital save-the-dates, allowing you to put a personal stamp on your design! Here at WedSites, you can choose one of our modern templates and customize the fonts, colors and layout, or even upload your own design if you prefer. You can also match your save-the-dates with your wedding invitations and wedding website for a cohesive look.

Pro tip: Use your digital save-the-dates to set the tone for your special day! Planning a garden wedding in spring? Opt for pretty pastels, floral elements and cursive fonts. Planning a black tie affair? Use a chic black and white palette with gold details and formal wording.

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Sending Digital Save The Dates with WedSites

We’ve made it easy to design and send digital save-the-dates with WedSites! Simply choose and customize one of our beautiful templates, and use matching digital stationery to create a cohesive guest experience. 
Ready to get started? Find our ultimate guide on how to send digital save-the-dates for your wedding here!